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Hello, my name is Sharriv and I have been struggling most of my life with obesity and weight gain. I have tried almost every single diet out there. That all changed when I went on the Keto lifestyle.

This my wife and I our second year on the Ketognic lifestyle and I want to share my experiences and knowledge with you.

For all of you that have doubt about beginning, don’t it will change your life for the better.

How my keto lifestyle began

As I stated above, I have been overweight most of my life, and always addicted to food, still am. You could even say that I am an emotional eater. I will not stop until l I feel stuffed like a Thanks Giving Turkey.

This has al changed when I came across the Keto lifestyle. I don’t like the word diet because diets never work for the long haul. I still cringe at the sight of beautiful models and personal trainers tell you how to eat and how much to train to get that desired body you always wanted.

I have always lifted weights, jogged, joined a boxing club, kayaking and so much more. I have always been very active, but still could not get my weight to stay off. My weight has always been like a yo-yo. This al changed when I started the keto lifestyle.

It begins with the right mindset

Before you start any journey and with the keto lifestyle there is no exeption you will have to ask yourself this question: “Why do I really want this”?

if it is for looking good with no clothes on, if it is for longevity, weight Loss etc. YOU have to change your mindset from: ” I will give this a try” to ” I am going to do this”. You are you’re worst enemy when it comes down to it.

keto makes it easy to lose weight

when I started on keto the very first week and exited but also nervous. Eating eggs and bacon every morning I thought I wouldn’t last the month without going into cardiac arrest. After 2 weeks I began to see my weight drop AND the best part I did not feel hungry all the time. I stopped having cravings (which for me is a big deal).

Keto helps you with cravings like no other diet and that is where the keto lifestyle prevails. Other diets make you feel miserable all the time, because your blood sugar is constantly rising and dropping. With the keto lifestyle it will be neutral and so no grumpy moods and trying to smack the food out of the hand of the Burger eating guy in front of you.

Best of both worlds

In my opinion keto has almost no downsides. You will lose weight, you’re energie levels will rise dramatically, cravings will go away and best part of it all you will get healthier and of course look good.

The only real downside of Keto is that it takes time to prepare almost every meal of the day, it is only now that different keto friendly products are coming on the market. So there is no reason not to begin a keto lifestyle.

I hope that my journey has inspired you to get into the keto lifestyle and learn a lot more on the way.


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  1. I experienced a lot of bloating when I started keto once. But I guess I did not execute the correct way of going into ketosis. I am a diary and sugar addict and find the ketogenic diet pretty difficult to do. But the benefits outway the discomforts I guess. I will be keeping an eye on your blog and wish you lots of succes in the future! A lot of people swear by the keto diet.

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