BBQ on Keto, bring on the meat!

Who does not like the smokey flavors of BBQ?

I love to BBQ and do it at least 3 times a week at home. But I do have to admit that I live in Aruba (Caribbean) and have nice weather all year round.

When I come home I fire up the grill (gas grill), I take out my Tupperware full of marinated and bacon wrapped meat, grab my utensils and I am ready to cook. Take a cold drink out of the fridge and I feel like I am the BBQ king in my yard.

To me there is no flavor that comes close to the one of a BBQ chicken, sausage, steak or even spare ribs. When I began a keto diet I had to make my own BBQ sauce. It does require ACV (apple cider vinegar) and I reality don’t like the taste at all.

Now there are a lot of keto BBQ sauces on the market and they taste awesome. But that is the beauty of BB on keto, it does not even need the sauce to taste great.

There is a lot you can do with regard to BBQ recipes. But if you must have BBQ sauce on your ribs, I do recommend these sugar free and low carb BBQ sauces. They taste great.

What kind of BBQ grill should I buy?

You van chose from a variety of grills. The 3 major one are:

  • electric
  • gas
  • charcoal.

There are also those pellet BBQ grills, but I have never had the pleasure to use one, YET!

Each one of the have their own advantage and disadvantages.

Electric BBQ grill

Electric are awesome because there are lightweight, compact and you can use them inside or outside of the house. There are even some right now that are advertised as smokeless. Although there is some smoke with the Phillips Smokeless Grill, it is way better than any gas or charcoal grill for indoor use.

The other benefit of electric grills are that you can take them apart and just wash them in the sink.

The downsides are of course that there is electricity needed to cook. Also, I find that because the lack of smoke you don’t really get that smokey flavor.

But for those long winter months, the electric grills are ideal to bring some feeling of summer into the home. You can even dress up and have a nice summer party with friends inside.

Gas BBQ grill

Personally I use a 2 burner gas grill. As I stated above I am fortunate enough to have great weather all year long and I do grill at least 3 times a week.

I refill my small propane tank once in about 6 months. I have a family of four and there is more than enough surface area to grill enough meat, poultry or pork for everyone in one go. When I have friends or family over it will take more time to cook, but to me that is no problem.

When it rains I do set it under my garage and cook, there is some smoke but not enough to stop me from grilling.

I really do not see any disadvantages of the gas BBQ grills because the gas is cheap, always available, no need for electricity, easy to clean, and you do get the smokey flavor that you get from the charcoal.

I do have a wood chip box. A wood chip box is a cast iron box with a lid that you can put flavored wood chips in them for smoking. You can fill them with any flavor wood, put it on top of the fire and let it smoke the meat up good.

You can spend as little and as much as you want on a gas grill. I do recommend one with wheels so that you can easily move it around.

Charcoal BBQ grill

I have used charcoal grills in the past but not anymore. A couple of reasons for this that should not discourage you from buying one.

  • Not easy to clean. You have to scrape everything out and throw the ashes out. A lot of charcoal dust can come from this.
  • It takes a long time to get the temperature going if you are in a hurry.
  • Charcoal dust on my meat. I live on a windy Island and when I open up the grill the ashes will blow all over the meat and can ruin it.
  • It’s illegal to use a charcoal grill on the beautiful beaches of Aruba.
  • It smokes allot

Although these are my reasons not to buy one, there is another one reason that the others cannot compete with and that is TASTE. The king of smokey flavors is the charcoal grill.

Benefits of grilling on keto.

The big one is that there is no need for oils, butter and even herbs and spices sometimes

Because on healthy keto you should not use those bad oils such as, soybean oil, vegetable oils, corn oil and more.

You can literally just wash the meat, sprinkle some salt and pepper on it and throw it on a preheated grill.

My wife is a pain with meats that are not spiced, but what I usually do them is marinated her piece of meat a day in advance.

There are some talk about the fat dripping is causing a toxic smoke but I usually tell you what I do to prevent that as much as I can.

It can be a time saver. Just put the meat on and let it cook on low heat for a while turn once one side is done and do the same for the other side.

My personal favorite reason for grilling is the stress relieving it causes. I am a police officer. At the end of the day I am shot with dealing with other peoples problems. Or my wife who sits behind a desk all day long. We get home, grab two drinks, she sits on our lawn chairs, the kids come out and play and we sit there and talk about our day and just relax. It is free therapy!

Tools I use for grilling.

I am a bit of a cheap person, I use tonsils, spatula or a big BBQ fork depending on the meat.

I definitely use a scraper or wire brush. The trick is to brush off the burnt fat and meat while the grill is still hot.

I do use a surface friendly degreaser to clean the grill. The drippings’ will cause the steel to corrode if left to long without cleaning. Especially the cheap non stainless steel ones.

There is really not much else needed unless of course you want to go all out and buy all accessories.


How I prepare meat, poultry and how I grill.

I am a very practical person. I keep things very simple, because there is just not enough time during the workdays.

I love to wrap meat in bacon. I usually lightly season the meat with salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder, wrap them with bacon and let marinate overnight. The next day throw just them on the grill.

The same goes for poultry, I usually season the poultry quite heavy ( my wife doesn’t like the taste of lightly seasoned chicken). I use the Goya packets (no carbs) with olive oil, salt and pepper. Leave them to marinate overnight and throw them on the grill.

I like to also put my marinated ribs in the oven for about an hour and a half on 350F. Be sure to cover the ribs to give them a steam effect. Take them out let them cool a bit, brush them with keto friendly BBQ sauce and throw them for about 5 minutes each side on the grill, fall of the bone ribs!

There are tons of recipes on the internet for keto BBQ.

There are some discussion on the internet about the toxic gas created when fat drippings’ comes in touch with a hot surface and the black marks that give BBQ food there trademark stripes and smokey flavors.

You can do 2 things to avoid these:

  • precook you are meats. This will help the fat to already have extracted most of the moisture and reduce the amount of drippings when grilling.
  • Preheat you are grill and when putting the meat on the grill, reduce the heat to low. Let it just cook until one side is done and repeat for the other side. Don’t keep peaking because this will reduce the heat and it will take longer to cook.



In North America a lot of people like to go tailgating at ball games and other places. You can also get small, portable BBQ grills on Amazon.

But where ever you are in the world, what ever weather you have there is no excuse for not grilling with all the grills that are available nowadays to meet anyone needs.

I love my BBQ grill to death and when one gives out I usually immediately replace it with another.

What kind of grill would you like to buy and why?

Let me know if I can help you decide.



4 thoughts on “BBQ on Keto, bring on the meat!

  1. This post is a godsend. With the warmer months approaching, and me being on a Keto diet I was so worried about sacrificing taste with my grilled food. This is great. I would have never thought to wrap the meat in bacon and leave it over night. Dare I mention that I found sugar free bbq sauce that has like 1 carb… I can’t wait to break out the grill. Thanks so much for sharing. I learned something new today.

    Can I ask, have you ever tried your marinated bacon wrapped meat in the broiler? I’m wondering if I can try this with it still being a bit cold here.

    1. Hello and thank you for your comment. I have not tried marinated bacon wrapped meat in a broiler because, the smoke that the bacon releases will cause the broiler to become very dirty quickly and smelly. I do all my bacon wrapped meats on the BBQ, but like I said I have the perfect weather 90% all year long. hopes this helps.


  2. Hey Sharriv,

    Just like i am also a huge fan of BBQ, just love the smokey flavour. We had a charcoal grill but it had it own share of problems, as you rightly said it’s very hard to clean and dusty. Currently we are using an electric one, the only issue with this is during rains we get this indoors and because of the smoke some of my family members experience suffocation.

    I am actually looking for really good Electric BBQ which is smokeless. Just for your info we currently have a Zojirushi EB-DLC10 Indoor Electric Grill. Let me know if you have some good suggestions.

    1. Hello, and thank you for your comments. I have seen some reviews for the Philips smokeless grills on Amazon. I would try that one if I were to BBQ indoors. Hope it helps. I am in the process of posting some affiliate links to my websites on the grills I like best.


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