Best keto biscuit. No more eggy taste.

Are you on the keto lifestyle? What is it that you miss the most? For me it was bread. I loved making my sandwiches in the morning and evenings. Where I live we have a rice and bread culture. But now I know that this was making me overweight.

I have tried many keto breads out there and even though it does not taste bad, the eggy taste is too overpowering sometimes.

That is why I am making this small article about a way that I found it too make the existing recipes even better with too simple steps.

I did not research this, I made this possible just by trying out. You can make a small sandwich or as a side with this recipe for your breakfast or meal.

I pick a normal keto biscuit recipe like this:

You mix all of this together add some cheese of your liking maybe 2 or 3 shredded tbsp of cheddar cheese and a pinch of vanilla. Microwave it for 3 minutes. Let cool a little, remove from cup, let it cool some more and slice it about 4 pieces.

Now just grab a small frying pan, you can add butter but is not necessary and just toast the slices. The frying will replace the eggy with a toast flavor.

When I make my keto lasagna I will make this same recipe, but replacing normal butter with garlic butter for a garlic toast.

I hope you guys enjoy this recipe.


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