Best oils on keto. Your health depends on knowing!

I would recommend this article to someone that is already on the keto diet and is trying to upgrade his or her knowledge.

Why? Keto is overwhelming at first, so just focus on cutting out the carbs in the beginning and once you are fat adapted, start to look at the healthier foods and fats that are available.

This article is for everyone and not for only those on the keto way of eating. This article will benefit everyone.

These oils are not limited to only cooking. These are oils can be found in almost all products sold in the supermarkets. Salad dressings, mayonnaise, cakes, chips, pop-corn, cookies and so on.

Read the ingredient labels before purchasing, this way you can be aware of what you are putting into your body.

In this article I will explain the following:

  1. What oils are best and why?
  2. Which oils are bad and why?
  3. What is chronic inflammation?
  4. What is smoke point and why is it important to know?
  5. Conclusion.

What oils are best and why?

When choosing these oils look for unrefined, virgin and cold pressed. These are healthier and closer to their natural state. Also, try to get these oils in glass bottles, because the toxins from plastic jars and bottles can get into the oil.

Buy oils in dark glass containers and limit oils to exposure of oxygen, light and moisture as this will cause oxidation. Oxidation can occur at room temperature.

Yes it is going to be more expensive but in my opinion, being healthy is priceless.

The best oils to consume and cook with are:

  1. Lard (smoke point 374F)
  2. Butter (smoke point 302F)
  3. Coconut Oil (smoke point 450F)
  4. Avocado Oil (smoke point 520F)
  5. Walnut Oil (smoke point 450F)
  6. Macadamia Oil (smoke point 450F)
  7. Extra Virgin olive Oil (smoke point 374F )
  8. Beef Tallow (smoke point 400F)
  9. Ghee (smoke point 482F)

These are full of good saturated fats. Why good? When we look at oils and fats we have to look at the omega 3 to 6 ratios. I have an extensive and comprehensive article on omega 3 vs omega 6 foods HERE.

These oils will not raise your cholesterol levels, even though this is what we have been thought for many years.

The average human body makes about 3000mg of cholesterol every single day, so don’t be alarmed by eating 50mg or of saturated fats.

These oils are minimally processed and have good saturated fats that out body needs to be healthy.

I personally cook with butter, coconut and avocado oils.

I use Butter to simmer at low heat so not to exceed the smoke point. I love to simmer beef tenderloin rolled with bacon in butter.

I use coconut oil to fry eggs and avocado oil to deep fry because these have high smoke points.

TIP: use fish oils to increase your omega 3 intake.


What oils are bad and why?

Generally speaking all vegetables oils are bad, so I would avoid all vegetable oils. These do not come from actual vegetables. These oils come from seed and beans.

Before 1979 we could barely find this kind of oils in out foods. Now it is hard not to find them in almost every processed foods.

You can not naturally squeeze oils from these seeds. These have to be heavily processed in factories to get the oils out.

All of these oils have absolutely no nutritional value and should be avoided at all cost.

The absolute worst oils to cook and consume are:

  1. Canola Oil
  2. Corn Oil
  3. Vegetable Oil
  4. Peanut Oil
  5. Crisco Oils
  6. Margerine
  7. Soybean Oil
  8. Cottonseed Oil
  9. Safflower Oil

I did not include smoke points above because you should not be using these oils at all.

These oils are hydrogenated oils. Hydrogenated oils go through a process of which unsaturated fats are turned into a solid fat by adding hydrogen.

These oils are really bad for your health and here is an easier way to understand what this does to your body.

Would you build a fireplace out of wood? The structure is not gong to hold and is going to burn down right?

The same principle applies to your body.

Your cell membranes are built from fat and cholesterol. If you eat these hydrogenated unsaturated fats, your cell membranes are going to build from these inferior fats. Which will bring us to out next topic.

What is chronic inflammation within the body?

If we keep eating these bad oils we are setting out bodies up for failure in the long run.

Eating bad oils and fats instead of healthy saturated fats, you will increase the risk of oxidation.

Oxidation damage will make you age quicker, have auto immune conditions and make us fall apart quicker.

This is why anti-oxidant rich foods are essential to combat these effects.

Our whole body will go into inflammation, because it is trying to fight off all the poison you are ingesting into your body. Your white blood cells will release a host of chemicals which will lead to damage to the tissue in your body (hearth, lung, kidneys).

You will not feel the effects as quickly because it will take some time (years). As we age out bodies get weaker and by having fed your body all of these bad fats, you will have greater difficulty recovering from these damages which increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer’s and even cancer.

So if you change your diet, you can definitely stop the damages that are going on within your body.

What can you eat to help with this, beside STOP eating these fats?

  1. More veggies
  2. antioxidant rich foods (berries in general are high in antioxidants, dark chocolate, Pecans, Kale, Spinach and more.
  3. Fish Oils

What is smoke point and why is it important to know?

When you heat oils past their smoke point, you are forming free radicals.

Free radicals can damage DNA, damaged DNA can cause cancer, heart disease and other illnesses.

When you are heating oil and it is starting to release smoke you are nearing its smoke point. At this point reduce heat and start frying or cooking.

Oxidation of oils will cause it to have an off flavor and rancid odor.

My recommendation is to lower the heat and cook slower. This way you will increase your chances of not surpassing the smoke point.


It is easy to get mislead by all the commercials and information out there.

By just switching to good oils I truly believe that it will makes a great impact on your health, and maybe even cure an illness you may have.

My wish is to inform as many people as possible so that they can regain control of their health.

Any questions or comments are welcome.


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