Cheating on Keto diet, is it worth it?

You will hear almost everyone say: ” Don’t you dare cheat on keto”!!!

I say, why not.? BUT!!!! there is a catch.

In life there is always two sides to everything. Some good some bad. It just comes down to what are you comfortable with or if it is worth it. You know who you are, IF you are truly honest with yourself.

I don’t like the word “cheating”. I do like ” rewarding” more. But for the sake of this article I will use the ugly word “cheating”.

The fitness and keto guru’s eat the same day in and day out, but for normal people like you and me this one way only eating is not how I intend to live the rest of my life.

We usually cheat when my wife is beginning her period, yes all you married and dating couples know what I’m talking about.

What you are about read in this article is my wife and I personal experience while heating on the keto diet and how we handle it.

Oh, and before I forget. We decide to go completely off keto when going on a vacation. .

We are going to cover the following topics:

  • The benefits of cheating on a keto diet.
  • The downside of cheating on a keto diet.
  • What to do after you cheat on keto?
  • How to get back faster in ketosis after cheating?
  • Conclusion.

The benefit of cheating on a keto diet.

Let’s start with the good news shall we.

I like to cheat once in a while on keto, why you may ask?

We’ll it simple, rewarding yourself for a job well done. I usually cheat once or twice a month on keto.

Whenever I do decide to cheat it will be a cheat meal and not a cheat day for the most time. This is because if I do cheat the whole day I get very groggy and sleepy. I lose all my energy and just want to go to sleep. My wife on the other hand stays the same regardless :(.

When we do cheat we mostly plan it out. A little too much, but we keep it fun and you ave something to look forward to. We discuss what we are obsessed to eat that month that is not keto, set a date and wait for the day to finally arrive. It’s like waiting for a vacation.

And I’m sorry to all the hardcore keto people out there who say to cheat with complex carbs ( beans, potatoes etc), but whenever we cheat its gonna be simple carbs. I adore Ice cream, cake, soft chewy bread and much more. Sorry for the excitement.

And honestly when you can get it out of your system it feels great, just don’t get carried away!!

That is what we are going to discuss in the next topic.

Downside of cheating on the keto

Unfortunate there are some downsides. But me and my wife are OK with them. If you are to go ahead, live a little.

Cravings can come back and make you want to keep eating. My wife goes through this I don’t. Once she gets the taste of sugar she becomes the cookie monster in real life. But she was always the sweet tooth. So if you are too, look out.

The problem is that your blood sugar will drastically rise and fall like it did, give you the “hungry” feeling again.

It will stop you from making progress. Your muscle will store glycogen again and your body will start burning glucose again instead of ketones. It will stay for this a couple of days and in some cases even longer.

Bloaty and dizziness can occur, I do get them. I get very gassy and it sounds like my tummy is talking to me.

You will regain water weight, this in its own is not that big of a problem and will freak you out if you weigh yourself (don’t do it). And if you just got into that shirt and short that you have been waiting to try on, its gonna be a little tight, but only for a little while.

So don’t go eating carbs and go to the mall shopping for clothes the following days.

What to do after you cheat?

Just take it easy and begin to eat normal keto diet again. You did it once before so don’t even worry about it.

You’ve had your carbs now its time to get back on it and keep losing weight.

Be grateful that you had a cheat meal/day and move on.

Do not begin to think about cheating again, that is where many people get lost. They think to their selves:” maybe just one more meal/day”, and then another and another until you forget to go back on and you’ve lost all of your progress.

Once you lose your progress you will not start so easily again.

So what do we do to make this easier? We do not buy something that comes in a big tub or package. Like a 3 pound tub of ice cream. Your not gonna eat it ( I hope) all in one day. When it stays in the fridge the day after you will not stop thinking about it and you’re likely to start saying to yourself ” I better eat it before it goes bad and I have to throw it away, waste [of money”.

We go out to eat. We go to maybe a Mc Donald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s it doesn’t matter. Going out to your favorite restaurant and order that second piece of pie or cake. Ask for another serving of fries or ice cream.

So get it out of your system. Just do not do it that frequently.

How to get back into ketosis faster after cheating

The way I do it is through fasting and exercise. My wife is not concerned with getting back that fast. She will just start to eat normal keto again until she is back in ketosis.

I on the other hand is a different story. Remember what I said about getting the “keto Flu” going out and getting back in of ketosis?

I do use fasting and exercise to get back faster because I do not want to get the “keto flu” while I am working. I am a police officer and I need all the focus and clarity I can get.

Why fasting? This way the newly stored glycogen will get used up quicker by my body. I will have an article later on why fasting combined with keto is a power fat burning process.

Exercising will also help deplete the glycogen faster because of the intense energy that you will spend while training. I lift weights, but you can also do anything you like.

You can do walking, running, yoga, jump rope and much more.

You can cheat without getting out of ketosis

When ever we get the urge to eat we do it the keto way!!

Maybe you had a bad week, a bad day, your boss wants you to work this weekend while you had something planned or what ever gave you the cravings to eat something bad but you just had your cheat day and don’t want to slow your progress again, cheat the keto way.

What we mean with that is just eat more but just eat keto.

I make keto snacks like:

  • deviled eggs
  • cheese balls
  • meat balls
  • cheese stick in the oven
  • pork rinds and dip,

and (one of our favorite) ground beef with a cheese dip and pork rinds, topped with sour cream and chives

Instead of eating your dinner you can make a snack night out of it. Our kids love this also (they are not on keto BTW, yet).’ Your calories are going to be over but that’s not going to be a big problem.

Another tip to not go over calories, cheat and still stay in ketosis. Fast for the most part of the day and eat your snacks later.


If you are like my wife and I (human) you are going to want a cheat meal or day.

We will have to die someday right? And it maybe not even going to be related to what we eat. We just want to improve our chances that we will be healthier and live longer with a better way of eating.

The people that don’t’ cheat and train there butt off, I have a ton of respect for them. We just enjoy living normally and eating something naughty once in a while.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself.

I do love my keto diet because it does keep me from being obese and it helps me keep my mind of food. For me it is a blessing not wanting to eat constantly.

I do have a bad back and keto has helped me tremendously with managing my weight.

Let me know what your concerns are with “cheating” or if you have any other question on starting the keto diet.



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