Diet soda on keto. Is it ok ????

One of the most asked question of the keto diet is if diet sodas are OK to drink and will they stop progress?

When I started the keto diet 2 years ago I did not drink a single diet soda for about 2 months.

After 2 months I began experimenting with diet sodas like: Diet coke, coke zero, polar ice and other zero calorie drinks.

I stopped drinking diet soda a week ago and drank only water. So what happened?

What happens when you drink diet soda on keto?

So I drank diet sodas for almost to whole 2 years daily and honestly I did lose my goal weight in about 6 months. I lost about 30 pounds. In my opinion it did not hamper my weight loss neither the one of my wife. She lost about 20 pounds.

Honestly when I drank 1 diet soda a day I had fewer cravings for sweet than on the days that I did not drink it.

I do have to be honest in telling you that I have not gone for more than a week without diet soda from the beginning of the keto diet.

The diet soda was like a reward for being good all day long and also a bit of a stress reliever. I know what you are thinking: But it’s unhealthy, right?

Are diet sodas really unhealthy?

In recent studies has show that aspartame is not as bad as we thought and that drinking diet sodas has less of an impact on your health than drinking normal sodas. According to some big keto Guru names it will slow down ketosis.

According to some experts because artificial sweeteners will trick your brain into thinking that you are consuming something sweet. This will cause the body to produce insulin and stop fat burning.

According to the American Cancer Society they found no strong link that Aspartame causes cancer. They looked at studies that involved over 500.000 people.

Another concern is that Aspartame will convert into methanol that can be very toxic in high levels within the body. Methanol will then convert into formaldehyde. Some experts will advocate that this is why Aspartame is so dangerous within the body.

But studies also do not back this up either. Reason being that the amount of methanol converted from Aspartame in the body is extremely small to do the body any harm.

The body also produces formaldehyde every day that is 1000X greater than the average American daily consumption of Aspartame.

Another study had subject consume 200 mg of aspartame per kg of their body weight, which is 40X greater than the standard American daily consumption and still did not find any changes in methanol or formaldehyde levels within their bodies.

So, the facts do point heavily in the direction that it is not unsafe to drink diet sodas regularly.


What happened when I stopped drinking diet sodas?

It was like getting rid of carbs all over again. I got a lot of cravings and withdrawal. It took me about 5 days to stop craving a diet soda. The strong cravings!

It also got rid of having cravings for other sweets. I love making and eating coconut flour cookies, coconut macaroons, cheesecake and other keto friendly sweets.

I did find it easier to pass on the sweets and keep my mind off of them.

If I will lose more weight is yet to be seen. I will update this after a month without diet soda.

Alternative keto diet soda.

Zevia is one diet soda according to the keto experts that is way healthier and will not kick you out of ketosis.

I do personally drink them from time to time but I do prefer the “unhealthy” ones.

There are also those carbonated water and fruit flavored drinks. To me it tastes like liking the outer side of the fruit with a splash of CO2 in my moth, Horrible!


To diet soda or not to diet soda on keto? that is the question.

Like almost on every topic on my site I say why not?! Have one a day or every other day. If you are a sweet tooth I would pass on them in the beginning. Just until you’ve gotten in the keto groove.

I did lose weight with not much trouble. The only thing that I do wonder is that if I have not consumed diet sodas if my weight loss had been greater or faster.

But I am the kind of person that wants to enjoy life and not limit every damn thing that is “unhealthy”.

I have a 70-year-old uncle. He weighs about 135 kg or more I’m not sure but his waist is about size 46. He has always been overweight and never had a health issue except of course he is a diabetic but only uses pills and not injections. Drinking alcohol and eating a lot of sweets and he is still going strong!

Do you remember the hit show “The biggest loser” trainer Bob Harper? That man ate healthy for the most part of his life, trained like a mad man and still got a widow maker heart attack at age 52. So in my opinion you have to be lucky to reach those golden ages without any major health problems.

And that is why I do cheat and have a blast with my food sometimes.

What do you think about that? Are you the strict one? Or are you the one that enjoys life and food from time to time?

Let me know in the comment section.



One thought on “Diet soda on keto. Is it ok ????

  1. I love it that your straight to point and are not biased, eventhough you promote the Ketogenic lifestyle.
    Keto IS a healthier way of living, but in my opinion not for everyone.
    Love your blog posts and your witt!
    Keep ‘m coming!

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