dog on keto diet, is it ok?

Do you love your dog? What is a dog to you? Is it just a companion or a member of the family?

I have always had dogs in my life, the friend that never complains and is always happy to see you. The first one to greet you when you get home am I right? So why not take care of them like your family member?

Me and my family started on the Keto lifestyle 2 years ago and we feel great, and have lost a lot of weight.

I have 3 dogs ” mutts” that I saved from being put down and they are doing great. I never thought about feeding them a low carb diet so that they could also feel and look healthier, like me and my family.

I did have 2 boxers and they ran away when my garage door accidentally opened by itself. Looking for them I found these 3.

In the past I have had several dogs and most of them got cancer/tumors and past away.

With the keto diet being now used in studies to combat cancer in humans, why not dog’s right?

Have you ever heard the phrase: You are what you eat? I truly do believe that what you put into your body you will get out of it. These days 90% of the food in the grocery stores are processed foods. Very high in carbs and low quality oils.

I did do some research if dog on keto is OK, and this is what I found.

Where did dog originate from?

According to scientist about 19000 to 31000 years ago dog’s originated from gray wolves in Europe. The owners would then travel with their wolves and when they met other domesticated wolves.

To me it just seems weird that you can get a breed like a Chiwawa or a Great Dane that came from the same lineage as the Grey wolf.

In my research it seems that dog breeding began centuries ago when ancient humans bred dogs for a louder bark or a more docile temperament. Wolves are way more aggressive than normal dogs and do need way more attention to keep them reliable.

Over time, because of natural mutations, climate and human preferences “breeds became even more numerous and specialized.

The classification of a breed is based on the dog’s natural ability in five skills: hunting, shepherding, guarding, work and company.

Do dogs and humans have the same digestive system?

The main difference between dog’s and humans digestive system is that the humans digestive system is much longer than those of dog’s.

The short track is one reason dog’s DO NOT digest carbohydrates as well as humans.

Like mentioned above, ancestrally dog’s have evolved as carnivores. Humans are omnivores, we can eat mostly anything compared to other animals.

If the dog’s digestive system does not digest carbohydrates so well, why are we feeding them mostly that? Just take a look at the ingredients in dry dog food. Dry dog foods are mostly made out of corn, grains, omega 6 fatty acids chicken by products, ground whole grain wheat and some other fillers.

The most common dry dog foods is made 75% out of carb containing ingredients.

Also dog’s have 10 X the amount of hydrochloric acid than humans. This acid helps with the digestion of raw meat and raw bones.

Also feeding dag’s’s raw meat and raw bones is a MYTH! I did not feed my dog’s raw meat because I thought they would become flesh eating monsters and pounce on my kids when they are running around in the yard, LOL.

What to feed your dog for optimum health?

Although dog’s can digest al lot of food it is best to feed them a low carb diet with more meat products.

Even though raw meat is OK to give to your dog’s I would strongly suggest cooking the meat to kill of all potential bacteria and or other microscopic threats. Yes dog’s do have a well equipped digestive system to deal with normal amounts of bacteria, but just cook it lightly to be sure.

Cooking the meat lightly will not eliminate nutrients and is safer for dog’s that have been fed kibble and bit’s for all their life.

There is one thing that I did not know and thank goodness nothing ever happened to one of my dog’s ( not that I can recall). Do NOT feed your dog cooked bones. Cooking bones will make them harder and brittle, causing them to damage the intestines. I used to give them the bones from my BBQ and stews.

There are also very good dry dog foods on the market: Orijen and Ketona. These products are sold on Amazon and are made with high quality grass fedd meats and very low carbs, giving your dog’s the best nutrition they need for a healthy lifestyle.

They are very expensive indeed but I do not have the time or money to cook a batch of fresh meat, chicken or fish everyday.

Wet dog foods are also better than dry food because they have more fats and less carbs.

In YouTube I saw a vlog of dog’s physique a hundred-year ago vs dog’s physique now. Most of the dogs are way heavier, bad posture and way more health problems than before like diabetes and inflammation.

Of course irresponsible breeding also has a hand in this problem but, still what we feed our dog’s has got a lot to do with it.

The leading cause of death in dogs: Cancer.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in some breed of dog’s and also in dog’s that have reached 10 years of age or more.

As mentioned above, keto has been used in the recent years to combat cancer. There are a lot of success stories of humans who have even cured their cancer with a very strict ketogenic diet.

If we take a look at the molecular analysis of cancer in humans and in dog’s it was found by scientist that they were nearly identical.

Also, it is to be noticed that humans and dog’s have the same internal organs with exception of the appendix, almost the same digestive track, so it should be a no brainer to start your dog on a keto diet.

When you are in ketosis and have cancer recent studies has shown that ketones slow the proliferation of cancer cells and in some cases even reduce the tumors, even the aggressive kinds.

Cancer loves to use glucose as their main energy source. Cancer cells can not effectively change from using glucose to using ketones as their main energy source, and essentially will “starve” the cancer cells.

High risk cancer dogs include:

  1. Golden Retriever
  2. German Shepard
  3. Poodle
  4. Boxer (my favorite)
  5. Rotweiler
  6. Shetland sSeepdog
  7. Cocker Spaniel
  8. Doberman Pinscher
  9. Beagle
  10. Miniature Schnauzer


If dogs are carnivores by nature, has a short intestine track and have a high cancer risk, it would seem almost a crime to keep feeding them high carb containing foods, right?

I know that most people can not afford to buy 100 USD dog food, but for those who can it would seem like a no brainer.

I hope that this article finds someone who needs it to hopefully and potentially extend their dog’s life.




2 thoughts on “dog on keto diet, is it ok?

  1. Wow I never thought of how a diet could affect my dog! He has always been a little sensitive to certain foods like chicken, but I never thought of treating him like a person and fully changing his diet.

    This was a great post and really changed my perspective on what I feed my dog. I don’t want to be the cause of him getting cancer or any other illness simply because of what I feed him.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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