Downsides of keto diet. Enough to stop you from becomming healthy?

If the keto diet is so good for your health why doesn’t everyone do it?

Well, aside from almost everyone being a carb addict keto does have some downsides.

The question that only you can answer is: is it enough for you not to become healthy?

Before we go to the downsides of keto diet, let’s just really quickly take a look at the upsides shall we.

In a nut shell these are the basic upsides/benefits:

  • losing weight
  • reversing type 2 diabetes
  • lowering high blood pressure
  • having more energy throughout the day
  • mental clarity
  • stopping cravings throughout the day
  • help fight/cure cancer

and much more, but I will explain all these points mentioned above in another post in great detail.

So let’s get to the downsides I encountered when I started and are still going through on the keto diet. But I will have a little bonus tip after each downside on how to try to avoid or solve them.

It can be hard on your social life.

Every time I went to a party or just visited a relative I would get asked if I wanted anything to eat or drink. Most of the time I had to decline their offer and ask them if they had something else.

In Aruba where I live it is frowned upon not accepting food that has been offered to you. They did go out of their way to make dinner or spend money on snacks they ordered for you to eat.

Also, when I went out to dinner it was a bit though to not eat the potatoes, rice or whatever carb filled side the meal came with. I am one that hates wasting food, because in the back of my mind someone else is dying because of hunger in another part of the world.

Almost every snack or finger foods are fried in a batter like chicken nuggets, fried shrimps, mozzarella sticks a so on.

Things are slowly coming together at some restaurant with the keto diet growing in its popularity, more and more restaurant are now adding keto friendly items on their menu. But beware of the sauces they use, I have had problems with some sauces messing up my ketosis.

What can you do in these situations?

When I started I totally forgot to tell the person I was visiting ahead of time that I could not eat somethings because of my new diet. So call ahead if someone has invited you over and explain to them that you do not eat carbs anymore. If they ask what you do eat, give them some tips. Snacks that are easy to make, like: deviled eggs, bacon wrapped sausages and so on.

Do not expect to get almond flour battered chicken nuggets of course.

There are tons of keto friendly snacks you can also make to bring to the party or get together.

After time passes more and more people who you socialize with will keep you in mind when they invite you the next time over, or maybe they won’t, LOL. My friends and family knows exactly after 2 year now on keto what I do and do not eat. I do have a small family.

Tip: the easiest snack food there is: nuts.

In the beginning everyone thought I was crazy.

Almost every one you know still probably thinks that carbs are not that bad and that you “need” to have some in your diet right?

If you have done your research correctly you will find that the body does not “need” intake of carbs at all. The body makes its own glucose through converting protein into glucose.

There are NO essential carbohydrates, sugar or starches. There are only essential fatty acids, amino acids from proteins.

People will look at me in the most bizarre ways when they hear that mostly consume fats. They all say that I will get a heart attack if I keep eating like that. But if you have done your research correctly you know that this is not true.

The good thing that will come from this is that it will spark massive conversations. If you know your keto research well you can even convince some nay Sayers.

Ask them how their weight is, their health in general. Explain the effects of carbs on the body and how fat is truly stored within the body.

Keto flu in the beginning, or after a cheat meal.

If you are unlucky like me then you will probably get the keto flu. It can range from loss of energy to headaches. Why do I say unlucky? My wife and some other friends of ours did not get the keto flu like I did.

They got some feeling of discomfort but nothing compared to me. I get strong headaches and total loss of energy. My eyes begins to burn, I get nausea followed by headaches that will put me out of commission for a while or until I sleep it off.

Even after I do a cheat meal I will get these symptoms and I always try to time my cheat meals or day on the days that I do not have to go to work.

A cheat meal is not as hard as a full day, especially if you want to get into ketosis faster.

Bonus tip:

If you start getting the keto flu, eat some extra salt to soften these symptoms.

Keto gets boring sometimes.

After a while you start to get in the keto groove and things will get a bit boring. Not because of lack of choices but lack of time to invest into making and preparing certain dishes that require al lot of ingredients and thought to prepare.

As your body get’s more and more fat adapted you will start to crave less and less food. I only eat twice a day now and sometimes even one, with no problem at all. This coming from a ” cannot wait to get up in the morning to eat again ” carb addict.

I did prepare those lavish dishes in the beginning as it was very exiting and I did not want my wife to get bored quickly. I did want my wife to get rid of some pounds. For all you haters that say to love unconditionally, there is nothing wrong for someone to take pride in their appearance, I do. And as an bonus you will get to be healthy too.

As I was saying, I began to prepare the same meals that were easy over and over because of just not having enough time.

What you can do to avoid that is to order from those.

Keto friendly foods can be expensive.

When starting a keto diet I would stick to keeping it simple until your body has had enough time to get adjusted to the new way of eating. Why? Because you do not want to get overwhelmed by all the foods that are organic, grass fed, pasture raised etc.

Before starting remember to give away your carb filled foods in your fridge and pantry to avoid temptation.

If you really do a healthy keto diet, the foods are going to be expensive: Like Ghee, avocado oil, Grass fed beef, organic and so on. If you start buying these products in the beginning you will burn through them quickly.

I have an article on how to start a keto diet and that is not by restricting your food intake, but just eat whatever that does not have carbs and too much protein. You appetite is going to balance itself out after a while.

Once you are fat adapted I would go and start to do some research on the healthy foods. No more bad oils, like corn, soybean, canola and other hydrogenated oils.

Instead of grain fed beef, grass fed. Pasture raised instead of cage free.

It can cause you to replace an entire wardrobe.

For you ladies this may seem like an upside right? To us men not so much. We are usually cheap on clothes and will likely keep wearing those pants until they completely fall off while we are walking.

I had to replace all of my Levi’s jeans and all of my XL T-shirts.

You have to spend some money to replace some clothes after a couples of months of doing the keto diet.

Tip: start saving up ahead so you are prepared when the time comes to buy new stuff.

Hard to find keto friendly products.

When I started keto there were almost no products except the bare minimum of almond and coconut flour, erythritol sugar and a couple of other keto friendly products.

Now there are keto bars, meal replacement shakes, frozen keto meals, keto bread, keto Pita bread and so on.

You do have to order them because they are now starting to pickup steam in the supermarkets. Although I have seen a lot of keto products in the Whole Foods Market. Like I mentioned above, it’s expensive.

Tip: I have even heard of companies now selling keto boxes with all of the ingredients to make a hassle free healthy meal at home.


These are the downsides of keto I could come up with, if you can even call them that. The benefits to me, blows all the downsides combined out of the water.

As you get accustomed to the keto diet it will get easier as time goes by.

We all go through these downsides differently, some people will not even make a big deal out of them and other will suffer greatly.

Just stick to it and you will not regret it in the long run.

Here are some tips to make staying on the keto diet easier:

  • do research before you begin
  • write down your goal weight and put it on the fridge
  • The best tip I could give is: do the keto diet with someone else or maybe even a group of people to encourage each other. Create a chat group and express to yourself when you feel down, want to quit or eat a cheat meal. This way you won’t feel alone on this journey.

If you have any other concerns, downsides or anything else that will keep you from starting the keto diet, leave me a comment below and maybe I can help you with it.




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