Health foods that are not healthy at all!

Have you ever wondered what foods are actually healthy?

What makes a healthy snack really healthy?

The market is saturated with these low fat high fiber foods that are not actually “fat free” at all.

Why is ” fat free” not fat free at all?

When manufacturers take out the fat content of the product, there nothing left to taste. Guess what they replace the fat with? If you guessed sugar than you are right. They need to replace it with sugar to make it taste better.

What happens to sugar when it enters the body? It turns into fat.

But what about the other ” healthy” stuff like: oats, whole wheat and, granola, fruit juices, sports drinks and rice cakes? Aren’t these healthy? let’s take a look shall we.

What I have found out during my research is that we need to look at the glycemic index chart for healthy foods. Why? Because the higher the glycemic index is, the higher carb rating, the higher it raises you’re blood-sugar levels.

Do keep in mind that not all carbs are devastating to your health and this article is based around a keto diet. Healthy people should not worry that much with eating these, but if you eat these regularly it can become a problem in the future.

But if you have type 2 diabetes you can benefit from not eating these ” health foods”.

We will take a look at the next “health foods” and see if they are really healthy:

  1. sport drinks
  2. granola bars
  3. oatmeal
  4. fruit juice
  5. rice cakes
  6. wheat

Sport drinks

We were always taught to drink a sports drink when you are working out intensively. That it will replenish the electrolytes in you’re body.

Does it really? What are the most common electrolytes lost while you sweat?

These are:

  • sodium
  • chloride
  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • calcium

While some of these sports drinks do have these electrolytes in them, it is the heavy sugar content that makes them so bad for you’re health.

In many of these sports drinks there are about 50 grams of carbs in a 32-oz serving. They will show you per serving that is usually 8-oz. But most people will drink the whole bottle and not only 8 ounces.

So Let’s do the math. 1 gram of carbs = 4 calories. If you drink a 50 gram carb containing sports drink you will have put 200 calories into you’re body. You would have to walk about 60 minutes to burn it all off. So if you went for a 60-minute walk while drinking a sports drink, it would be as if you did not walk at all, if you’re trying to lose weight.

Many people also just drink it with their lunch or dinner. It says sports drink so it must be healthy right. Nope.

Granola / Bars

My daughter loves granola bars and so did I, and while it does have a lot of nutrients such as iron and fiber you might want to take a look at the ingredients list.

But let’s take a look what granola is made out of.

It’s made out of rolled oats, nuts, honey, sugar and other sweeteners. They also add puffed and toasted rice to the mix and unhealthy oils such as soy bean oil that also cause inflammation within the body.

So as you can see out of all the ingredients listed above there is really one healthy ingredient, nuts.

It is just a breakfast cereal packaged and sold as a health food. Don’t be fooled!


Granola is common breakfast or lunch on the go snack food.

You forgot to set the alarm or did not want to come out of that hot shower in the morning and now you are late. Grab a granola bar kids and let’s go!

What is in a granola bar? It is a kind of cereal that is made out of rolled oats, brown sugar or honey, puffed rice, nuts and fruit or sometimes chocolate bits.

So again we see the trend of added sugar and other high glycemic foods.

Fruit juices


loved making my eggs and drinking orange juices. There is just something about having O.J. in the morning that just brightens up the day, I can’t explain it.

I always thought that if I were to drink “fresh” O.J. in the morning I was set for my daily dose of vitamin C.

Was I surprised to hear that it is as nutritional as a cup of soda. I could’t believe it. It is made out of fruit right? With all the vitamins and the fibers.

The problem is that when they have to pasteurize the O.J. to prevent bacteria growth and extend the shelf life so it can be sold after a period and still be ” fresh”.

The problem with pasteurization is that the fruit juice gets heated to about 70 C or 158 F for a minute to kill of any harmful bacteria and organisms. While this process is taking place all the fiber and nutrients are also destroyed, leaving you with just and orange sugar water.

Orange juice is listed between 66 to 76 on the glycemic index and considered a high glycemic index food that is best avoided by people with diabetes.

Rice cakes

When I was younger this was my go to snack after a workout. It is low in calories and will keep me from going hungry right?

Wrong again! Rice cakes are made out of puffed rice, salt, sugar, maltodextrin and other non nutritious i ingredients.

Rice cakes are listed between 87 and 91 on the glycemic index chart. That is very high!!

What happens is that you consume a rice cake, your blood sugar will shoot up drastically and after a little while drop down again making you feel hungry again. You will eat another one and another and another until you realize that you’ve eaten half a pack sabotaging your workout.

Rice cakes also have very little fiber and protein, which makes them nutritionally poor and non-filling.

Whole grains

There are a lot of whole grains that we have been taught to be healthy.

Some of these include:

  • brown rice
  • oatmeal
  • popcorn                                                              
  • barley
  • whole-wheat bread, pasta or crackers.

These are some of the most commonly used whole grains used by consumers.

While whole wheat bread and pasta do spike your blood sugar more slowly than traditionally made pasta and bread made out of refined flour, don’t count on them to be healthy yet. They are filled with starch and will raise your blood sugar levels. It is way better to add these whole grain pasta and bread in your non keto diet.

But if you are trying to stay in ketosis this is a no no.


We have all seen the commercials where people who have trouble going to the bathroom will eat a cup of yogurt a day to help with the probiotic in their gut, right?

Just a couple of years ago there was a craze for the Greek yogurt. These were supposed to be healthy because of the straining of the yogurt, making it ticker than un strained yogurt.

The problems begin by pasteurizing the yogurt after it has been fermented, further killing off the good bacteria.

After killing off the good bacteria they also add fruit fermented , sugar and other sweeteners that makes this not more than dessert.

While some home made yogurt can have health benefits, you must also watch the ingredients that you will have to put in for the fermentation process.

Make sure that if you are going to eat yogurt to look at the serving size. This can be very deceitful. I am on the keto diet and is very hard to find a good quality yogurt. I will reach my carb limit with just 1/3 cup of yogurt. Let’s be honest, if I were to only have to eat 3 spoons of yogurt I would prefer to have non. It will only leave me wanting more.

Organic Honey


There are many people out there who think that honey is a health food. It’s naturally made from bee’s so I must be healthy right?

Although honey does have a lower glycemic index rating, it does have more calories per teaspoon.

And whilst people on a non-keto diet can enjoy honey, don’t be fooled that it is a health food. It is non the less a sweetener and will also cause your blood sugar to spike and lead to fat storage in the body.

We have to get our minds around all the false advertisement and old habits we have formed over the years.

I would advise you to go take look at the documentary I watched on Netflix. It is called “rotten”. Here you can see what you need to look at if you are going to but honey. You will think twice about buying it, trust me.


Can you guess what all the foods listed above have in common?

If you guessed sugar or high glycemic index foods your are right.

It is sweeteners and high glycemic index foods that cause the spike in blood sugar, that triggers insulin which in turn stores fat into your body. You might not notice this when you are young, but when you become older you also become less active. Your metabolism slows and making you gain weight more easy.

Don’t believe me? Go and look at your old family photo’s and see if there is one person that has stayed thin this whole time, with exception of those who grind it out in the gym every day.

Still don’t believe me?

Bob Harper was a fitness trainer on the “Biggest Losser” who had a hearth attack. Why did he have this hearth attack? Clogging of the arteries due to eating to many proteins and carbs.

Do not believe everything without looking at the facts.

How is your diet?

Leave me a question or concern down below.


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