How to exercise on the Keto diet, be smart!

Have you begun the keto lifestyle and are wondering how to incorporate your exercise routine on the keto diet?

There are number of ways you can go about tackling your exercise routine on the keto diet.

Have you always exercised or are you just starting in an effort to get rid of those jelly arms caused by the weight loss?

My wife and I have both been on the ketogenic lifestyle but I have always hit the gym and she has not. She has begun with exercising now. She was losing weight and started to get a bit jiggly around the arms and legs.

I did struggle at first with my lifts because of the lack of explosiveness in my lifts. But after I kept training I did gain back my strength.

The big improvement was my cardio. I used to train boxing before keto for 12 round at 2 minutes and 1 minutes rest in between. After a couple of months my cardio has increased dramatically and continued after that. After doing some research I did find out that keto does improve your cardio and it’s even better for people who do long cardio sessions like marathon runners.

I am turning 40 this year and I have not been training harder but training smarter and if you stick with this article till the end I will reveal my ultimate exercise equipment that is the cheapest equipment everyone can buy and place anywhere in their home or apartment.

My wife did not exercise at all while on the keto diet the first year and had no problem losing weight. She was not in a rush. But now that she has lost weight she just want to tone and tighten her body.

Weight lifting on keto

As I stated above my strength has suffered in the beginning of the keto lifestyle.

I went from benching around 225 pounds to maybe 180 pounds in the first two weeks. That is because the lack of explosive energy your body has to go through in the beginning. Now keep in mind I have seen other people who has not suffered any strength loss.

Because I am turning 40 this year and I do have bad back I train way smarter and not heavier. I do more sets and reps than I did before. This will eventually cause you to gain muscle and get better conditioning. Bear in mind that I do not want to look like a body builder, just someone that is in shape.

I combine my body weight with traditional weights. For example, I will do 10 to 15 push-ups and go to the bench immediately and do another 10 to 15 with about 120 pounds.

You do not have to lift a lot of weights to get a toned body. Just do more reps and sets. What is a difference between a rep and a set. Reps are how many times you lift the weights. Let’s say you do dumbbell curls 10 times for each arm that is a set. If you do 4 sets you have done 40 reps of dumbbell curls for each arm.

You do not have to waste 1 or 2 hours in the gym either. I do what I call super sets. I bench for 10 reps than immediately combine this with another exercise like let’s say shoulder presses. Workout 2 body parts in one short time with minimum resting in between. It is like a HIT (high intensity training). But do it with weights you are very comfortable with. I am trying to save y heart on over train it.

You do not need fancy equipment or a full stack of dumb bells to get a good workout. They will help but, you can get a killer workout with no equipment at all.

There are a ton of videos on YouTube and Pinterest about how to train smarter and more efficient.

Cardio on keto

Here is where I have blossomed in my training. I do have a personal gym I built at my home and I have about 3 boxing exercise equipment which include: heavy bag, speed bag, double end speed bag, jump rope and as the last exercise I do shadow box.

While doing research I came across articles and videos that confirmed my findings about why my cardio levels went up. When you are fat adapted you do not get the same crash as a carb eater does. Carbs eaters crash after their carb reserves have depleted and need to switch from glucose burning for energy to fat burning for energy.

When you are fat adapted you are already burning fat as fuel so the body does not go in “a crash” moment to switch the fuel source. You will just keep exercising without much trouble (depending on your current conditioning level of course).

Low impact exercises

In my younger days I used to lift very heavy with no regard to my body and that is why I have hernia in my lower back and can not lift heavy anymore. I went to those aggressive and steroid taking body building ( you have to lift heavy to be a man) kind of gym. I never did take steroids, I did want to :).

To keep in shape I now do very low impact exercises and because it is way easier on my back and overall body.

My favorite low impact exercise are:

  • swimming, I joined swimming pool club where I can swim at my own pace or join exercise classes with under water weights. It is not only for old people BTW.
  • Push ups followed by holding a plank position.
  • Squats followed by holding in the squatted position. I hate it too.
  • lounges and more.

You can look up a different variety of exercises on the internet, write them down and make the perfect routine that fits your needs and limitations.

The best exercise equipment ever I.M.H.O !!


There are actually two equipment’s that my wife and I use.

My favorite is the exercise ball. They are cheap, mobile, easy to store and give you a killer workout. It will also improve your balance with enough use. My wife used to fall of constantly and almost gave up on it.

I love doing squats, but because of my back issues I can not add any weight to my squats routine. That has changed with the exercise ball. Put the ball on the lower end of your back, lean again a wall and let your legs do the workout. As shown on the picture.

In addition to squats, ab exercises a way easier on the back than traditional crunches. The exercise ball absorbs much of the lower back pressure and makes it virtual pain free.

The possibilities are almost endless with the exercise ball and it does not break the bank.

My wife loves her resistance bands. These are also very affordable, easy to stow, low impact and have a ton of different exercising routines for them.

These 2 products combined (exercise ball and resistance bands) it’s like having an entire home gym for the fraction of the cost and space.


While exercise is not really necessary on the keto diet to lose weight. I do recommend it to boost weight loss and to tone your body.

Exercising is also a great way to relieve stress and become more confident about yourself by boosting your self-esteem.

And remember do not waste time exercising 1 or 2 hours a day. A great workout can be done in 20 minutes.

What is stopping you from going on the keto diet and exercising?



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