How to keto? Guaranteed succes with these techniques !!

If you are like me and have done many diets over the year and you cringe just at the sound of the word diet, then this article is for you.

I am a 40-year-old man and I have been struggling all my life with weight problems. I am what you call an emotional eater. I am only emotional when it comes to food though.

My problem is that I had to feel full, and I mean stuffed to the gills full for me to stop eating. I did not care about the quality of food but the quantity. The more the better.

Since I was a child I was over eating and my family loved it. To them a chubby child was a healthy child. Their belief was that if you got sick as a child and for some reason you could not eat, that the accumulated fat would help to sustain the sick child.

I was bullied as a child but thank God that I had the character to fight back and some good friends to help me through this.

Not everyone is that lucky though, my sister was one of them. Her overweight caused her to have more and more self-esteem and confidence issues and now at 44 she is still very much overweight and dealing with a heap of emotional problems.

Don’t get me wrong I have self-esteem issues too, but I work on them instead of feeling sorry for myself.

That is what you have to do to get started with any topic you want to change in your life.

Step 1: Start with the right mindset.

You can start with any diet in the world, but if you not committed to changing your ways, you will never succeed. This is the first and hardest step that I found to lose weight successfully. Why? Diets do not work.

Confused? Don’t be, by diets I mean short term weight loss programs. Diets are great for people who have their stuff together and lose weight for a short term goal like: body building competition, wedding, birthday and so on.

But if you really want to lose weight and keep it off it should become a life style.

Keto is not a short term diet. It is a long term commitment. Keto is very successfully but only if done correctly.

So what exactly do I mean by right mindset? It is a bit different for everyone, because all of us are strong-minded, and that is OK. That is why God made us all different to be unique.

You have to look at yourself in the mirror and say ” you have a problem and you are the only one that can help me through it”.

Convince yourself that there is NO going back, treat it like it was a case of life and death. Promise yourself not to fail this time. Do this every day and whenever you get discouraged, which will be allot especially in the first few days when the withdrawal are going to be the hardest.

Write your goals down and if you can place these goals all over the house, yes like post it notes.

Step 2: How to deal with withdrawal?

What is withdrawal? It is the craving that you get when something you love is removed from you and you desperately want that feeling back.

Everyone talk about substance and alcohol abuse withdrawal, but what about food addiction withdrawal?

The biggest killer in the world is not substance abuse (alcohol and drugs) but bad diets (lifestyles) that leads to diabetes, obesity, hearth problems and even mental health issues like depression.

The mortality rate in the year 2018 of all the drug and alcohol related deaths in the U.S. is about 160.000.

The death rate of just the hearth related problems in the U.S. is 630.000. Diabetes related death in the U.S. is about 24.000 a year. Obesity claims about 300.000 lives a year in the U.S.

Comparing the two you can see that food related problems are way worse. But you don’t see the F.B.I. breaking doors of Dunkin Donuts or Mc Donald’s because they are making us fat.

Withdrawal is the biggest problem when it comes to sticking to a lifestyle or diet, you want to know why? Because they are never going to go away and they do make you feel like you are getting sick or are really hungry even though you’ve just stuffed your face.

I hate to break it too you, but all the people that I have helped to lose weight and kept it off including myself still deal with withdrawals. It did get way better with the keto lifestyle.

The more weight you start to lose the more encouraged you will get and will want to continue on the with the new lifestyle.

Dealing with withdrawal is a one a day type of deal. If you start looking to far ahead for results and are not getting them right away, you are going to get frustrated. The same old way of thinking is gonna come to mind ” why am I doing this? this is not worth it, I am going die someday anyway,  why put myself through this and maybe get hit by a bus tomorrow “.

Yes I have been there, and still are sometimes. But know this, if you break your own promise, it is going to feel way worse tomorrow that it does today.

That awesome feeling you got from cheating again, will not last the same as the feeling you get by reaching your goal.

Take it one day at a time, keep encouraging yourself ever time you feel the need. Make a bet with yourself, a small one. Renew that bet every time you reached another goal.

Most people get cravings at night when you are looking at the t.v or just sitting with your family in the family room. The way I deal with this is eating my dinners late, like a couple of hours before I go to bed. By the time I get the urge to eat or snack I’m already fast a sleep.

Step 3: Gain knowledge on how to do the keto diet before starting.

There are a ton of information on how to do the keto diet correctly. You can find Dr. Eric Berg and Dr. Ken Berry on YouTube.

Look at all the different type of foods that you like and can eat. This way you can start to make a meal plan.

Don’t like cooking yourself or do not have the time? There are a lot of companies now that will deliver precooked meals to your home.

Don’t do like I did and go blindly into the keto diet. I made some mistakes in the beginning that almost stopped me from continuing on the keto lifestyle.

Keto is very time-consuming because almost nothing is user ready. That is starting to change now worth the popularity of keto drastically rising. This has been an issue for me, because of lack of time to prepare all the meals.

Everyone wants me to make them a meal plan. The main problem is, I do not know what they like to eat. To make your own easy meal plan:

  1. print the keto friendly food list ( there are many on the internet)
  2. write the foods that you do eat on a personal list
  3. look up recipes on the with the ingredients you’ve checked (Pinterest), etc
  4. make ahead meals with these recipes
  5. store them in the fridge
  6. also keep keto friendly snacks on hand (nuts, cheese, pepperoni etc.)

It is VERY IMPORTANT to not let yourself get hungry and having NO keto foods on hand. Because it does take time to prepare and you are more likely to just eat something else and ruin your progress. To get back into ketosis will take time, to get out is easy.

Step 4: Get rid of every temptation in the fridge and pantry.

I go by the rule: If it is not available I can’t use it.

If you really think that you can have candy, doughnuts, cake or anything that is not on your new lifestyle food list in your home, you are dead wrong. I say this especially to those emotional eaters out there.

Get everything that is not edible on the keto diet out of your home (yes the closet and night stand too).

You do not have to throw stuff out, give it away at your local church or food bank. I really have a hard time throwing food away. I think about all the people who are starving and I am throwing food away.

Also do not fool yourself by thinking I’m gonna leave some coke and chips for when friends and family come around, NOPE!! Tell people whom have arrived unannounced that you are trying to lose weight and only have healthy snacks.

You can even encourage them to live a healthier life style.

Step 5: EAT!!!!!!

Do not, I repeat do not starve yourself. I can not stress this enough.

This is not a diet where you deprive and deplete yourself. Remember it is a lifestyle.

But won’t I stay overweight if I eat what I want you may ask. Nope.

Starting a keto diet on it is hard enough to begin with, and you want to start starving yourself. Don’t do it.

As you eat and your body gets use to using fat as it main source of fuel and that something amazing happens, cravings go away for the most part.

In the next section I am gonna further explain why keto is such an amazing lifestyle to start and stay with.

Why Keto?

Next to losing weight, being in ketosis has a lot of amazing benefits.

here are the benefits you can start enjoying early on:

  • improved mental focus and memory
  • improved energy
  • decrease in cravings
  • improves mood
  • improves metabolism
  • did I say you lose weight?

benefits that you may not see, but you will have compared to other carb eaters:

  • not becoming a diabetic
  • reducing hearth related problems
  • reducing calcification of the arteries
  • reducing inflammation within the body
  • reducing the chance of cancer
  • reducing the chance of Alzheimers (type 3 diabetes)

There are way more awesome benefits that are not listed here that you can find on the web.

Keto is a craving killer. To me this is the most import aspect/benefit of the ketogenic lifestyle.

For a guy that ate 4 to 5 times a day and stayed hungry even after eating all that vs eating 2 meals a day now and being content with what I ate, to me that is a miracle.

Like I said before I do have cravings here and there, but I can manage them now unlike before where I would go into a rage and eat everything in sight.

Daily motivation.

Any life changing quest I take on I try to motivate myself every day. Why? Because motivation will not last, you have to keep reminding yourself what the goal is.

Look at the stair in front of you and not the staircase. Every step taken is one more in the right direction.

I watch daily motivation video’s and quotes. It really helps me, and do not feel bad if you have cheated, just get back on the horse and ride.

I can promise you one thing, if you give keto a fair chance and I am not talking about 2 weeks. Gibe it at least a month and you WILL see and feel all the benefits mentioned above.


I whole heartily believe that if you follow these steps that you will lose the weight and be happier with yourself.

Remember it start with you wanting it, visualizing it and execute. It won’t be easy, but like everything that is great in life: if it where everyone would do it.

I leave you with a quote I really like: ” Are you tired of starting over? Stop giving up”.

I hope that this article find you and help chance your life for the best.

If you do need some help, feel free to ask me anything.


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