Is the keto diet a FAD diet?

What is a FAD diet?

A FAD diet is usually a diet that is popular for a short period.

FAD diets are great if you want to lose up to 10 pounds fast in my opinion. But you are not going to keep it off. It is just not sustainable.

Some examples are the slim fast diet or the special K diet. If you follow these diets correctly you will lose some weight. You will also be very miserable and irritable after a couple of days.

70% or more will fail on FAD diets. Diets in general will fail, why? Because everyone wants to lose weight and when they do, they go right back to their normal way of eating.

The keto is growing rapidly in popularity right now. Many keto products are now flooding the market.

From keto bars, shakes, sweets, keto weight loss pills and much more.

Now do not get me wrong, keto is a very time-consuming diet and I will gladly pay for a bar here and a shake there.

But with every one wanting to get a piece of the 175 billion dollar weight loss industry, you going to get to people that are not here to make you healthier, but are here to make products that are not keto friendly at all just to a turn a profit.

Keto pills are a good example. You need to be in the state of ketosis for the keto pills to work. Many people I know have bought the keto pills and then said that the keto diet does not work.

I had to explain to them why not and what to do to make them work

If you do not know by now, the keto is a very low carb diet, but not everyone is trilled about abandoning their precious carbs.

Is keto a FAD diet?

No it is not!!

Keto is the most ancestor accurate diet to begin with.

What does this mean? It is the way our ancestors ate many centuries ago before all the processed foods and abundance of grains and corn products were produced.

There were no supermarkets and big food processing companies back then. If you wanted to eat you would have to grow, hunt or fish.

Take a look at any product in the supermarket that comes in a box. There are all kinds of products in them that you can not even pronounce.

I am not a hippie that thinks that we should all go back to those days way of living. I love technology and the easy of just buying my foods in an air-conditioned supermarket.

I just decided one day to really study the ketogenic way of eating and according to my blood results am way healthier for it. Keto is the only way (not everyone of course) for me and my wife to have lost the unwanted weight and kept it off for two whole years.

We tried almost everything before this.

If you are a carb addict like I was, keto is your best chance at beating that addiction.

How does keto cure carb addiction?

What if I told you that the daily high intake of sugar and carbs are the leading cause of almost all chronic diseases and premature deaths in the world.

Why premature? My father died of heart and kidney related problems by being a long time diabetic. I truly believe that if I knew then what I know now about the keto diet and of course if I could have convinced him to change his ways, he would still be here.

I know what you are going to say:” but I should decide what I eat and do with my body”. That is why God gave us free will, you are right. But why not let everyone do what they want, including alcohol and drugs. It’s their body right?

If you combine the deaths related to hearth problems, diabetes that lead to kidney failure, Alzheimer, certain types of cancer, obesity and even mental health problems caused by addiction of foods, it will be far greater than alcohol or drugs related drugs by far.

Yet you do not see the police or FBI breaking down doors of the big food companies.

Sugar en carbs are as addictive as cocaine on the brain and body.

Stop eating carbs for 2 days and see that you would get the same withdrawals as drug addiction. You will become aggressive, moody and would just want to eat something with carbs to make the bad feeling go away.

Keto was not at all easy for my wife and I to start. We were very cranky and angry in the beginning. It was very hard, but as any addiction when the pain and struggle start to go away it got better and better.

I am going to be very honest with you. I still want carbs now and then but it is not a must anymore ( I can not say the same for drugs and do not think that a bump here or a snort there would be good).

Keto honestly did cure our cravings, I still love the smell of fresh bread, cake, rice, french fries and other carb filled foods, but do not have the cravings to buy them like I did.

Fat is not the enemy, fat is our best friend when it comes to our diet. The body is 95% made out of saturated fats. Your brain is primarily made out of saturated fat. Fat will let you feel satiated way longer than any carb will.

When you eat carbs your blood sugar level will rise giving you that “high” ( as my sister calls it: warm and fuzzy) feeling. The body will release insulin to regulate the sugar in the blood. After a short while of not eating carbs, your blood sugar will decline. This in turn will take the “high” making you feel hungry again even with a full belly, in turn make you want to eat again.

Fat will not raise your blood sugars.

Eating fats will maintain your blood sugar levels steady with no crash afterwards so that you do not get the hungry feeling.

It is a simple as that. Eating more fats will not make you fat. Eating fat will decrease your appetite which in urn will make you eat less frequently and ultimately make you lose weight.

Why isn’t everyone on the keto diet if it is so great?

It has been thought in school, parents and by our own doctors that fats are bad and grains, carbs and other starchy foods are the best for you. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they say. Most of the world’s population has been living on the standard diet their whole lives and never knew better.

All those misleading and to be frank just plain indoctrinating TV commercials (especially in the evening) of fast foods.

All those models looking sexy while drinking Coca Cola and eating Mc. Donald’s. So most people think: ” If she looks as good drinking Coca Cola why not me”?

She trained her butt of just to take a sip in front of the camera you dope!!!!

I do have an article on the truth and lies about food that you can check out on how and by whom we have been lied too

Keto is very healthy for almost everyone, people with type 1 diabetes maybe not.

Keto is perceived and portaged in the news and on the internet as a very aggressive and dangerous diet. I also have an article on: is the keto diet dangerous.

Is the keto diet strict? Yes. Is it hard to start? Yes. Keto is hard, no question about it. This is coming from a former obese person not a fitness guru that has never been overweight or as I used to be called, FAT.

If you are overweight and can not give up the foods this diet is for you. This is not the biggest loser, calorie counting, be miserable every day until you’ve reached your weight, train like a mad man kind of diet. In fact don’t call it a diet no more, call it a lifestyle.

You have to just change the way you eat forever or else you will, I repeat you will gain back the weight you’ve lost.

But good tings come in life when worked hard for, wouldn’t you want your family to be healthy and live longer? There are no guarantees in life, anything can and will happen, but it is you and only you that can do something about it.

If someone obese says to me that he or she is absolutely happy, I would not believe them for a second. You feel happy when you eat but not happy about with yourself, trust me.


If you want to lose weight and keep it off do not hesitate to go on the keto diet.

I have many friends that are super happy because they have lost and kept it off.

If you do go on the keto diet, be sure to do 2 things to succeed:

  1. Do as much research possible on the keto diet before starting, that way you know what you are getting our self into.
  2. Do not quit, hang tight and you WILL lose weight and feel a lot better.

If you have any question about the keto diet or are having other problems, be sure to leave a comment below I will get back in touch A.S.A.P.


2 thoughts on “Is the keto diet a FAD diet?

  1. This is a motivational article for me! I was thinking to go for a diet for a long time after gaining so much weight. I did not take the effort to know about any type of diet. After reading this post definitely, I will start getting more info about keto and start the diet soon. Thanks for this helpful post.

  2. Thanks for the great info! I did Keto to jump start my metabolism again after eating poorly and not working out while I was working full time and in school at night. In the first 4 weeks, I dropped about 8 lbs. It can be daunting to look at everything you’re cutting out, but there are so many options for shakes and bars to help make it easier now. And you can’t beat the science behind it! I think that is what really separates it from being a fad diet. Cheers!

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