Is the keto diet dangerous? Heck no!


When I first started the keto diet about 2 years ago, everyone told me I was crazy. Including my wife.

“You can’t live without carbs” they said.

Well, it’s been 2 years to this exact month and me and my wife are doing great.

I do get my blood checked yearly, and last month I did it again. My doctor whom has not even heard of keto, said to me ” whatever you are doing keep it up, you and your wife’s score were perfect”. I will try to get those results to post on this article.

Just think for a moment and use common sense. How did our ancestors eat? They ate mostly meat, fish and poultry. Some had vegetables (with no growth hormones, cross-breeds or pesticides)., but not all.

The Eskimos managed to survive all these centuries without even vegetables, only meats and fish. They didn’t just vanished from the face of the earth did they?

What we see on the discovery channel is them drinking Coca Cola and other brands they bought in a store nearby.

Do you need carbs to survive?

If someone even your doctor tells you that you need to eat carbs coming from grains, wheat and other products. They are flat out lying to you.

Don’t’t want to take my word for it? Read the book of Dr, Ken Berry (lies my doctor told me)

The government has also been lying to you by making you believe that the current food pyramid is the best one. They have been bought off by big food companies and big pharma. You can read more int hat in another article I posted right here.

There are only 2 essential foods and they are essential fatty acids and essential amino acids (protein). Your body makes the carbs it needs for the brain and other body parts.

Ketoacidosis vs nutritional ketosis.

These two totally separate things get mixed with each other.

Ketoacidosis is a serious complication of (type 1) diabetes that occurs when your body produces high levels of ketones in the blood making it to acid.

Type 1 diabetic persons can not produce insulin naturally and have to inject this manually. The pancreas con not make insulin.

Nutritional ketosis is when you limit or stop eating carbohydrates and you body will naturally go into a state of ketosis.

A normal healthy person will have no issues with this because the body does have mechanisms in place to help regulate itself so that it does not exceed the amount of keto bodies needed.

Ketones do not cause ketoacidosis.

But won’t a type 2 diabetic turn into a type 1 diabetic?

According to Dr. Ken Berry and other researches I have done, the answer to that is a big fat NO.

It is not possible for type 2 diabetes to turn into type 1 diabetes

Although it is recommended for you to check your health with your doctor before starting any diet, mine did not know about the keto diet and is still stuck in the traditional way of eating (her bank account loves sick people) I began anyway.

My mom is 65 years old and HAD type 2 diabetic. She also started keto and within about 6 months she was off her diabetes medication (pills).

It is just common sense for someone who has type 2 diabetes, to STOP eating carbs and sugar.

A person that has type 2 diabetes has an insulin resistance problem, the cells in the body are resisting against insulin and there for are not utilizing it. The sugar levels will rise within the blood, making you a diabetic.

Eating less to no sugar and carbs at all will drastically lower insulin production because there is no need for it, and in turn the sugar levels will drop within your blood stream.

Alzheimer disease is now being called type 3 diabetes

Is keto safe long term?

According to Dr. Eric Berg a leading expert on the ketogenic lifestyle, the keto diet is absolutely safe long term.

The brain functions better on ketones and like I mentioned above our ancestors diet was based on eating only meat, fish and seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Why do you think that more than 30% of the worlds’ population is overweight and have chronic disease linked to overweight and obesity, diabetes, heart problems, cancer and more.

I will eventually go off the keto diet for a short period. When I go on vacations I will take a week or more off, but when I get back I am itching to go back on.

Even though I do still love carbs, I do not feel the need for them like before. Whenever I do decide to go off I get all bloated and drowsy when eating high amounts of carbs.


Hopefully I have convinced you to start on a ketogenic lifestyle. I do have more information on my other posts here within my website.

Keto has all the benefits and almost no drawback. Keto is just mostly time-consuming and the big one (for me it was) giving up the addictive carbs.

But once I came out on the other end of that addiction a new world opened up for me and what a difference is has been.

If you were like me and want to start losing weight and becoming healthy, join the keto family.

If you have any further questions and or concerns about this way of eating please send me a message on the comment section and I will get back to you A.S.A.P.


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