Is the keto diet worth it?

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Have you been contemplating to start on the keto diet?

Have you been on keto and miss the old way of eating?

Not sure that keto is right for you right now?

Is keto even worth it?

Just a small list of the most health benefits of the keto diet:

  • Prevent/cure type 2 diabetes
  • Improve mental clarity/ memory / mood
  • Weight loss (the healthy way)
  • More energy throughout the day
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Craving control
  • Improves cardiovascular health

I have been on keto for almost 3 years now (started May 2017) and all of these questions have come to mind at one time or another.

It is not that I do not think that keto is not safe or sustainable in the long run, but simply: is it worth eating this healthy and maybe not even living long enough in the end?

What if everyone thought like this? That nothing is worth the sacrifice in the end.

We would all be living in tents and walking or horseback riding everywhere. We would probably have no mobile phones, computers, cars and most of the nice things we have today.

Keto is in my opinion the way for a human being to eat and also become and stay healthy. Do I love eating unhealthy foods like doughnuts and ice creams you ask? You bet ya!

95% of the year I am on keto, but I do take calculated breaks from time to time. When I am on vacation or in December around the Christmas holidays. Life is all about balance I believe. If you go too much one way without the other, you will lose your motivation and get frustrated in any goal you set for yourself.

I had always weight issues. I have been obese from the ages 5 to 17. To this day it still affects me. I had become a food addict. This sadly has never gone away, not even after being on keto for almost 3 years.

The thing is I love food, if it is healthy or not I still love it. The main problem for me and I believe for every overweight person out there is craving control (even if they don’t admit to it). I have an urge to eat until I am stuffed and repeat a soon as I get hungry again.

I told this back story so that you do not get the idea that I am a person that wants to get you into the keto way of eating thinking that it is going to be easy. Far from it actually.

You see, keto is not only hard in the beginning because you give up on sugary and carb loaded foods, it is also a hassle to prepare daily meals, learn to read labels, being the only one not eating on social events and so on. We also have very busy lives and I do not like meals that are pre-made. I like my food fresh. Not a 5-day old precooked steak in the freezer.

To go back on my original question if keto is even worth it, I would say a definitely YES!

Why? well let me explain.

I am the type of guy that will go all in on anything I find interesting trying. For example, I bought a drone and flew it around a bit. I liked it and now I can even build and programmed a racing drone with FPV goggles. I am also currently becoming a certified nutritionist.

So you see that I master almost everything I find interesting. It is my curse and salvation at the same time.

I have been a police officer for 18 years now. About 3 years ago I have been thinking on retiring early, but our pension age here is 65 years old. I have another 25 years to go. Thinking back how many birthdays and social events I have missed over the past years made my want to rethink my career. I want to spend more time with my family and have the money to do so.

So, I started looking at YouTube videos on starting my own business. You guessed it I went all in. Almost all the video’s that I have watched, suggest that if you want to become successful you must read a lot.

I have never liked reading, I would always fall fast asleep after 2 pages.

The last 3 months of 2019 I managed to read 6 books on business. This year 2020 (today is Jan 15th) I have already read 1 book and is finishing another this week.

The main reason for reading as much as you can is simple actually: the more you know, the better you can think and solve problems. You get smarter and knowledgeable in the process. The best quote to put this in perspective is: “You do not know what you do not know”.

Keto has had the most wonderful impact on my life. Not only have I lost almost 30 pounds. I could not lose this much weight before starting keto, even being in the gym for 6 days a week, but I also feel calmer, more energized and for the most part pain free. I have a bad back and felt so stiff in the morning. Ever since I have been on keto I wake up with no stiffness at all. Losing almost 30 pounds has also improved my back immensely .

The real problem I see people having with starting keto is giving up their unhealthy foods. Like I said, you are probably addicted to food if you are reading this. No shame in it or denying it, I still am!

But keto has a magic to it. It curbs cravings by I would say a good 85% to 90%. Cravings do creep on me sometimes. This is also where keto excels. You can eat if you feel hungry, don’t worry about counting calories. Just eat your full, especially in the beginning. As you become fat adapted (meaning your body burns fat as fuel instead of glucose) your body will regulate it’s intake of food way better.

It is also worth it to your family. Being healthy enough to hopefully live a long life to support your wife and kids are also a big factor when deciding if the keto is the way to go. Many studies are now showing how keto drastically improves cardiovascular healthy (fancy word for hearth health), inflammation in the body (joint pain and other weird feelings you may have without knowing why), high blood pressure (you know what that is) and improving cholesterol absorption in the body (instead of letting it clog you arteries). 

When we die especially before our time, it’s the ones that we leave behind that will feel the pain. Isn’t that enough reason for you to start a healthy lifestyle? My dad would still be here if he taken better care for himself at an earlier age. Four years have passed and I still miss him. I wish I could talk to him now that I am older and wiser. Don’t do that to your kids.

By reading a lot of business books it has also thought me another thing: stories sell!

This was the reason for me to write a story on this topic, to eventually sell you on the idea of becoming healthier. As you read this and take action, thank your future self when you get your blood work checked out after 6 months of keto.

I you want to leave a question or comment feel free to do so in the comment section.

Thank you for reading and as my favorite YouTube mentor Brian Tracy says:” If you want to change, take action and take action NOW!”.

You can check out my other articles on the keto diet if you decide to get started. I will leave the links below.


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