Keto and vacation. Should you take a break?

Have you been on keto and going on a well-deserved vacation?

I just got back from Orlando Florida last week (10-11-2019). It was great and I gained 8 pounds to prove it LOL!

If you are like me and do not follow a strict diet like keto on vacation, then this article is for you.

I have thought about staying on keto while on vacation, but I decided not to and I am going to share my reasons why and maybe by the end help you make a decision whether you should or should not take a break from keto on your upcoming vacation.

Taking a break, a real one!

Whenever I go on vacation I do go all out. With that I mean spend my hard saved money like there is no tomorrow and eating like it too.

I would say that I exercise on a very intense level for the most part of the year. If I had to give you a number, it would be about 8 to 9 months out of the year. Only taking some time off when I am very busy at work or have sports related injuries.  I am a workout junkie. If I skip more than a week I feel awful and sluggish.

I also love the keto diet. Not only does it make me feel more energized and clear minded, it also helps me keep the weight off that I have lost over the two and a half year period.

Like I mentioned before in my other articles, I am a carbohydrate junkie. I have been addicted for so many years as most of us have been and keto has let me taken control of my life and diet back.

Keto is very useful to not only losing and keeping the weight off, but it helps you become healthy. I truly believe and the science does back it up, that I can prevent becoming a diabetic and hopefully also any type of cancers and hearth disease. That is what I am banking on anyway.

Back to why I personally go way off my regular diet plan, and I do mean wayyyy of keto. As awesome as keto is, it does come with some from of stress when choosing and preparing your foods. I do not have money to stop by the salad bar by Ruby Tuesday every day. I do have to prepare our (the whole family) own food, which anyone with a demanding job, wife or husband and kids can attest of the stress it can cause

That why when on vacation I block off the kitchen section (not the fridge) so that I am only holding a spoon or fork when something highly processed loaded with sugar gets shoved into my mouth.

I am very aware of the consequences that come with this form of rewarding myself for a year of great healthy choices and accept the return of the love handles with open arms.

I went to Olive Garden (3X), Long Horn, PF Changs, Cheesecake Factory and many more restaurant. We do walk a lot when we are on vacation it’s not like we stay by the pool and eat. We live in the Caribbean and have enough of white sandy beaches and pools. We want shopping malls and fast food restaurants, the opposite of Americans.

So despite shoveling about 5000 calories of food down our throats, we do walk about 5 to 7 miles a day and ravage through those clearance items at Ross Dress for Less for the best prices possible (we do pick up what we drop, unlike many slobs). We were on our feet for 10 to 12 hours a day for 9 days straight.

The great thing about vacation is, no regrets. We never have regrets about the money spent or the pounds gained. Money can be earned back and pounds can be lost. The memories and total freedom we experienced are priceless.

I also believe that even though I have eaten mostly high fat, high sugar and highly processed foods, it still gives me benefits from not having any stress. High stress can hamper weight loss.

Go for it, be those little brats just like in the movie “Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory”. Stuff your face and feel like a turkey on Thanksgiving day. Deal with it when you get back. I will tell you how I get back into my healthy life style and hope that it will also help you get back on track.

Getting back on track.

Now you are back from paradise, most likely cleaned a bit of your bank account and dreading the thought of going back to work. On top of this you are scared to step on the scale to look at the weight you have gained. Whatever it is, just look at it as a great accomplishment.

Life gets boring without having a goal. If everything is OK and nothing is happening, life gets stale very quickly, don’t you agree?

So, let’s say you gained like me 9 pounds. It is not the end of the world and you do not have to go and start starving yourself.

Whenever I get back I usually start the very next day with keto. I get the keto flu pretty bad (my wife does not). After about 2 days of feeling sluggish and headaches I start to feel great again.

I just do the same thing I did when first starting keto, eat until I am full. The carb cravings are going to be there and if you starve yourself you will get yourself in trouble. Just eat and your body will balance itself out in no time.

The cravings are going to be almost the same as when you started keto, but they will go away faster than before. You will also become fat adapted quicker than before due to the fact that your body was already accustomed to it.

I do not recommend going in and out of keto every week, but once in a while should not be a problem. If you do decide to go out of keto regularly try the paleo diet, it is almost like keto but you can have carbohydrates from natural sources like sweet potatoes and plantains.

To sum it all up, just have a great time on vacation. If you want to stick to your diet do it if you don’t go all out.

There is only one reason that will make me want to stick to my diet on vacation, ONE!!! I have chronic back pain and when I am in ketosis, I believe due to the fact that I have less inflammation within my body, I have about 80% less pain. I do not feel stiff when getting out of bed in the morning. Nothing worse than having your back go out on a vacation you have been planning and saving for all year.

Other than that I love to experience all the foods I do not normally eat at home. I am a simple man, the food does not have to be super expensive nor does the restaurant have to be upscale for it to taste great.

Once I bought 4 pieces of chocolate truffles for about 20 dollars. Just for the taste alone I would say that a Snickers bar would beat them, not even mentioning the price. Maybe I just have a cheap taste buds.

Worry about getting back in shape and exercising when you get back. If your lively hood depends on your physique than by all means stick with your diet. If you are not going to be competing in any fitness related contest or are not a YouTube fitness guru, relax and enjoy life because life is food.



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  1. The fact that keto gives you this alertness and energy tickles my fancy. Loved the article and that your so brutaly honest. Thanks for another great article.

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