Keto lifestyle, cure type 2 diabetes naturally.

Can you really cure diabetes just by eating certain foods??

I truly believe so!

This article is meant for people who have type 2 diabetes in their genetics or are already a type 2 diabetic patient. My mom and dad were diabetic and so I am almost certain to inherit it, if I kept eating high sugar and carb containing food.

Nowadays when you are sick the doctor almost always give you pills to help suppress the symptoms of the illness. They almost never suggest a cure for the actual problem. It’s like sweeping dirt under the bed. Eventually you will start getting nasty critters if you keep sweeping the dirt under your bed. The same principles apply to whatever you are trying to fix in you life and health.

We should start focusing on what is causing the problem instead of just suppressing it. Suppressing the problem is not fixing and it will lead to more complications down the road.

Before beginning any change in your diet or exercise be sure to check with your doctor first. I did find that my house doctor did not even know what the ketogenic diet was. So be sure to fill them in what it is.

My mom and her type 2 diabetes

My mother went on keto last year. She had type 2 diabetes, yes I said HAD. In the beginning she began eating low carb foods and started losing weight. She did check her blood glucose levels constantly to be sure that it would not drop too much.

My mom did drink pills to keep her diabetes in check. After about 3 to 4 months she went to the doctor and he suggested that she no longer needed the pills anymore. By eating low carb foods she cured her type 2 diabetes naturally without any other body damaging medication.

What is type 2 diabetes and how do we get it?

For the most of us, we were all raised on high carb foods. We drank cow milk that is high in carbs’. We ate oatmeal, cereal and milk for breakfast when we began to eat solid foods. We ate sandwiches and chips for lunch and rice, potatoes with meat for dinner.

So its fair to say that we eat a lot of carbs’ in our diet, ALOT! What happens is that our pancreas creates insulin to help regulate the sugar in our blood. What happens if we keep eating high amounts of carbs’ is that the cells within our bodies will start to require more and more insulin to help regulate our blood glucose levels as our cells will get use to insulin.

If you have type 2 diabetes it basically means that your body has become insulin resistant. This means that the cells are not responding to insulin production and are not storing the glucose in your muscle and liver any longer.

This is very dangerous in the long run because high blood sugar damages organs and blood vessels. Eventually your kidneys will go (type 1) and you will have to begin dialysis. Studies are even showing that type 2 diabetes is even causing Alzheimers (also called type 3 diabetes) .

How does keto cure type 2 diabetes naturally?

When ever we eat high carb foods our body produces insulin (the storage hormone) that takes sugar (glucose/fructose) out of the blood and helps store it in the form of glycogen (energy) in your muscle and liver.

If you begin to eat low carb foods your body will not need that much insulin to regulate the body blood sugar. Your cells will not be pumped with constant insulin and will not become insulin resistant.

Eat veggies, high quality meat, grass fed butter and other high quality low carbs’ food. Eating fat will not impact your blood sugar and insulin and will keep you satiated longer.

As you begin to eat healthier you will start to lose weight, create a good balance between your blood sugar and insulin levels. Eventually your blood sugar levels will naturally go down because your cells will become insulin sensitive again. You will reverse the process.

When buying products in the supermarket check the nutrition label for sugar AND carbohydrate grams. Try to stay under 20 grams a day. I would not buy anything within a packet, these are mostly processed foods and contain almost always added sugar.

I shop mostly in the veggie and meat section. There are a lot of options when it comes to low carbs’ food nowadays. The keto diet is really gaining steam and new products come in the market almost every day.

Help prevent future diseases from happening.

If you knew that in your future you would be having a heart attack, stroke or begin with dialysis, would you not begin with something to help you prevent that? Why wait until it is too late. Life to me is very precious and hopefully I can get to an old age with my whole body functioning properly.

My dad was a diabetic and I did not have this information to save his life unfortunately. I saw my father going to dialysis when his kidneys gave up. He had to go every other day for 4 to 5 hours. It was very depressing to see that. My father was an impressive man 6.4 feet and “big-boned”. He weighed about 220 pounds. In the end he looked twice his age and very skinny.

His body could not handle it anymore and he passed away in 2015. I do believe that if I had this informtion then, he would still be alive today, and this drives me to help other people.

There are 3 very good sweeteners that diabetics can use to bake their goodies (almond and coconut flour) and also add to their tea and coffee without raising insulin.

Monk fruit

Stevia (watch label for maltodextrin)


I hope this message finds you before it is too late.

If you have any questions related to this article you can ask me in the comment section below.



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