Keto update 2019. What has changed?

Hello and welcome to the keto update of 2019.

I have done some research on the keto diet changes and I am sure that some of you will be delighted.

Almost all the previous data shows that the keto Diet consists of 70% fat 25% protein end 5% carbs.

Dr. Darren Schmidt has attended 5 big seminars on nutrition regarding the 3 macro nutrients on ketosis:

  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates

Without further due lets dive into the updates.

Macro-nutrients on a keto diet.

According to the new results the daily fat intake on the keto diet does not have to be so high any longer. You have to keep your daily carb intake below or as low as you can to 20 grams a day.

Protein and fat can both be high or low, just be sure to watch your calorie intake to maximize your weight loss.

Most of the keto teachers recommend a high fat moderate protein and low carb diet.

This OK in the beginning stages on keto so that your body can get used to the fat intake and become fat adapted. But once you are fat adapted you can increase the protein intake considerably and lower the fat intake.

I did watch a video about a year ago on the YouTube channel Primal Edge Health where Tristan did explain that eat a lot of fat did not equal fat loss.

As Dr. Darren Schmidt did get to know that high protein from meat, will not kick you out of ketosis.

In many older articles and videos online, it is stated that eat a high protein diet will kick you out of ketosis because of amino acids turning into glucose by the liver via the process called gluconeogenesis.

Yes this process (gluconeogenesis) does take place but more so when you are fasting. Many people who measure their ketone levels, will see a much lower keto reading and higher glucose level when on a long fast 24 to 48 hours. I will get into this later in this article.

Many people on the keto diet have to eat spoons of oils and butter to reach their daily fat percentage intake. This is again OK int the beginning but not very appetizing and sustainable after a while.

The matter of the fact is that protein does not burn Clinically or physiologically like sugar.

When you eat more protein your glucose levels will go up, but so will the ketone levels. So the G.K.I. ( glucose Ketones Index) will stay the same.

On the keto diet but have stopped losing weight?

In my coaching over the years of keto diet many of the people who I have helped at some point will hit a weight loss plateau.

I used to think that it was because of maybe hidden carbs. It can be easy to consume hidden carbs by eating too many nuts, seeds or even keto friendly products ( bars and ice cream).

But after closer examination on their daily intake, it was the fat intake that was too high.

I also saw this in the same video of Tristan (Primal Edge Health). He stated that if your fat intake is high your body is not going to burn its own fat storage. You will not tap into your visceral fat storage.

So lower the fat intake and your body will start to utilize your own body fat for energy.

So contraire to popular belief, you can eat leaner meats on keto to help maximize your weight loss.

How much protein should you eat? Eating about 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight. So if you weigh 200 pounds, you should eat about 200 grams protein.

For some people it will take the body some time to get used to eating as much protein.

According to Dr. Ken Berry protein does NOT damage your kidney and liver, for those that have read otherwise.

Going carnivore.

Many people who have been on a long time on the keto diet have been experimenting with the carnivore diet.

They say that it is the next level of eating.

Eating mostly or only meat every day.

I have been thinking about doing the carnivore diet for a while now. When I do decide to do it I will definitely write a full update on it.

Carnivore diet according to many people including Dr. Darren Schmidt and Tristan have been doing it for a while now and feel great.

Dr. Darren Schmidt talked about a woman whom has the beginning symptoms of Alzheimer disease. He further explained that she could not touch her two index fingers together. He asked of her to eat as much red meat possible. When she came back a couple of weeks after eating more red meat, she touched them with no problem. Her husband also saw big improvements in other areas.

Alzheimer disease is also called type 3 diabetes, just some extra information for you to think about. Older people have always been told by their doctor to avoid eating red meat. If you are on the fence about this topic, don’t be. there is a ton of data that shows people improving their symptoms by eating more red meat.

What are the benefits of eat a carnivore diet?

  • Feeling calmer
  • Physical strength increase
  • tighter waist
  • more energy

These are just some benefits you can get.

Red meat also is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet, especially for the brain. Even more than kale or any other green food.

    Now do not get the wrong idea and start drinking protein shakes daily. Get your protein the old fashion way by eating more meats.

    And of course try to eat grass fed beef for most nutrition.

    High levels of glucose on the blood when fasting, how can this be?

    Many people who fast for a long time 24 to 48 hours have a higher blood sugar reading.

    But how can this be if you are not even eating right?

    It is just the simple fact that the body is automatically making glucose to keep the brain going.

    After these people have eaten a small meal to break their fast, they see a decline in their glucose levels. The body has now stopped to process of making glucose because it has now received some through the food.

    To put it simply, your body will still produce glucose to feed the brain and because the cells are now utilizing fats as their main fuel source, they will not except glucose any longer. This part is explained on the You Tube channel of : Thomas DeLauer, how fasting affects Insulin.

    But not to worry because even though you do have an increase in blood sugars when fasting, you do not have the same negative effects as when one would eat a doughnut.


    Just be sure to go through the keto process of high fat in the beginning to get fat adapted as quickly as possible. If you decide to skip this part you can set your self up for failure.

    Your appetite has got to get satiated first to minimize those cravings in the beginning.

    If you are still thinking about going on the keto diet, I have written an article about the 7 potential life saving benefits on the keto diet.

    Keto is not my religion, but a tool I use to control my weight and hopefully live a longer more fulfilled life. I honestly never thought that I would ever stick to one way of eating, but the way I feel on keto blows every other thing out of the water.

    I can almost guarantee that if you endure the first two months of keto and come out on the other side of it, you will not regret it. Life changing effects it will have on you.

    So start with this article: Keeping it simple on keto. This article is for those who are overwhelmed by the information there is on keto.

    Any questions or comments? Leave them below and I will get back to you A.S.A.P.


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