Prolonged fasting benefits. These benefits will amaze you!

Prolonged fasting is as hard as you think it is, but will become easier the longer you go without food. Why is it so hard? Because you’re addicted to food, especially high carbohydrate and processed foods.

You can still think that you are eating healthy by eating Whole wheat bread, yogurt, fruits and protein bars. If you just add all the sugars of those meals and snacks together you will be stunned how many sugars you are ingesting into your body.

Prolonged fasting can be done with any diet or way of eating, it’s just that one makes it easier to fast than the other. Keto and Carnivore are going to be the easiest ones when it comes to fasting. Why? Because on keto and carnivore you are already burning your body fat as fuel (ketones) and will not have to go through the crash of blood sugars from other diets.

You would think that you would get gradually hungrier until you could not stand it anymore or just die of starvation, this is not going to be the case. It is not the absence of food that will make you hungry, it’s your thought’s about not eating that will. If you are used to snacking all the time, it’s going to be difficult.

When we are bored we tend to think about food. Those late night commercials do not help either.

I would recommend gradually extending your fasting window, instead of just doing a 48 or 72 hours fast the first time. Let your body get used to fasting I would say 16 hours, then 20, 24 and so on. I also recommend trying intermittent fasting first for a couple of weeks, before starting to do prolonged fasting.

I have done 48 to 72 hour fasts and when breaking my fast had no hunger or even desire to eat what so ever. The beginning and middle are the toughest parts. Keep at it to enjoy these awesome benefits that I am going to list here below.

It is recommended by most “Prolonged fasting Gurus” to do a prolonged fast 4 to 8 times a year, and intermittent fasting each week for at least 2 times a week.

So what are the main benefits of prolonged fasting? I will list the most common and beneficial ones, there are many more.

  • Regrow brain
  • Increase mitochondria
  • Autophagy
  • Enhance stem cell production
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Decrease tumor growth
  • Increase antioxidants
  • Do I need multivitamins on a prolonged fast?

Regrow brain.

It is not going to replace your whole brain, too bad right? It is going to regrow a specific part of the brain like the Hippocampus, parts of the brain stem and other parts.

The part that has to do with the Hippocampus has to do with memory. By regrowing that structure of the brain will improve your memory.

Tip: just on a side note, that combine fasting with meditation will also help you keep calm and it has been proven that meditation does grown brain matter. 

Increase Mitochondria.

Mitochondria id the power house of our cells. It is through the mitochondria that we are able to produce energy within our cells which in turn keeps us alive.

Ketones is the preferred fuel for the mitochondria vs glucose. There is more energy per unit combined with a ketone than there is when oxygen combines with glucose.

Therefore, if you have ketones within the brain and you breathe in, you create more energy than you would with glucose. The mitochondria will become more efficient and put out more power, meaning that you are going to think and feel more clear than you did before. 


This on of the main benefits that everyone going on a prolonged fast is looking to get. Autophagy is a Greek word that means “self eating”.

Autophagy is essentially recycling of the cells within the body. Getting rid of old damaged cells and proteins that can lead to cancer and other diseases in the future.

I guess that you can say according to all the studies that as long as you eat as healthy as you can and fast often you will never get Cancer. In my opinion there are maybe Cancers so aggressive that nothing can stop them ( I hope I am wrong).

But you will and this is a fact, you will improve your chances greatly by following a low carb diet and fasting. Low carb (almost no sugar) and no damaged cells that can turn into Cancer should hopefully keep the Cancer and tumors from ever forming. 

Enhance stem cell production.

The stem cell is a cell without a purpose. It just waits until it get a command by the body to make new cells that have been damaged and have to be replaced.

The more you age, have high stress or eat too much sugar in your diet, the less stem cells you are going to make.

By doing prolonged fasting you can enhance the stem cell production, which in turn will make you feel and look more youth full than you really are. 

Decrease inflammation.

Prolonged fasting also helps with decreasing inflammation within the body. Most drugs that people take for their conditions are anti-inflammatory drugs. The are supposed to decrease the inflammation that is causing the problem. Taking drugs puts a strain on the liver and kidneys.

By doing prolonged fasting you can naturally decrease inflammation.

I have had back pain for as long as I can remember, at least 20 years. Before I started on the keto diet and doing fasting, I would wake up with back pain every single morning no matter the bed I was sleeping on. I felt really stiff in my back when I would get up.

It would take me at least half an hour to start walking normal again. I also had a knee injury from long time ago that bothered me.

Ever since I have been on the keto diet all of these pains have gone away. I do eat carbs about once or twice a month. The day after my cheat day I will make sure that I do not have to work, because of the same pain I would get before I went on keto. This is why sometimes I do not even think eating carbs is worth it.

Keto and fasting helps with decreasing inflammation, but also to eat the right foods, like all of those bad cooking oils that are highly inflammatory. I will leave a link here on a post of mine on which oils to consume to avoid inflammation.

Prolonged fasting is a must for people suffering from auto-immune conditions.

Decrease tumor and Cancer growth.

Cancer and tumors can not survive on ketones, this is why prolonged fasting will help with removing or decreasing tumor growth.

Cancer and tumors feed on glucose. These can be starved making them weak and making treatments more effective.

I have even heard of cases that some people have cured their terminal cancer with aggressive keto diet combined with prolonged fasting.

You have nothing to lose except the tumor or Cancer itself by trying it out.

Increase antioxidants.

By fasting your body will get the chance to repair itself. This is why antioxidants in your body go up to help repair itself. .

It also helps with increasing the stress tolerance of the adrenals. By fasting your body goes into a repair mode that increases your stress resistance. This is where the antioxidants come in.

Do I need multivitamins on a prolonged fast?

According to a research I have done you do not need vitamins on a prolonged fast.

Why not? When you are not eating you do not need as many nutrients because the body tends recycle them. You are also not eating much and therefore not needing much either.

By taking vitamins or multivitamins, you are helping the body too much, preventing your body to go into autophagy. Because the body is getting help from the outside (exogenous vitamins) it does not need to go into a state of self-preservation and therefore does not give you the benefits that autophagy would come with.

Sodium and electrolyte powders are fine on a long fast. You do need these minerals to prevent being depleted from them, leaving you feeling weak and sometimes even nauseous.


You are going to get nothing but benefits from prolonged fasting as with intermittent fasting. It is not going to happen overnight though. Just like anything else that is worth doing in life you must follow through and have patience.

You might also consider doing keto and fasting. The keto diet is has almost all the benefits of fasting except autophagy. Your body will get used to burn fat as fuel and get more efficient at using ketones.

In all there are many ways to do a fast and also how to break a fast. The more indent I go into the studies the more fascinated I get by how awsome the human body is and how it can regulate itself and adapt to other ways of living.

Don’t just take this information for granted, tell it or share it with a friend. If you know someone that has any auto immune system problem, let then read this. It could save their lives or make living easier without the aces and pains of their current condition .

I am on my website almost daily, so feel free to ask me any questions and I will reply.

Thank you for reading.


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