Tanking a break from keto? A long one.

I have to say that I do love being on the keto diet for most of the time. I also do enjoy a high carb meal once or twice a month.

I have been on the keto diet for about two and a half year now and have lost quite a bit of weight. Most importantly, I have kept most of the weight off.

I was weighing about 242 pounds and for the past year and a half have been hovering around 213 pounds. I still feel that I can and want to lose more weight but many people I know say that my current weight makes me look slim without looking sick.

So almost 30 pounds lighter is awesome. But the success of low carb eating is attributed by the drastic decline in cravings. Not only that but the keto diet also turns your body into a fat burning machine.

Aside from the decline in cravings and weight loss, I also do believe that keto is just a much healthier life style. As the evidence does show, diabetes and other metabolic syndromes are on the rise. My father passed too soon before his time due to poor choice of foods. He was a long time diabetic and ultimately lost function of both his kidneys. This slowly led to his demise. He was 65.

I am a firm believer that you are what you eat and at the same time also believe that anything can happened to anyone. You can be healthy as can be and still drop dread from a sudden hearth attack. Even though these awful things can happened, I am still betting on staying healthy in hope for a long and happy life.

All this being said, I do take long breaks from the keto diet once or twice a year. When I go on vacation and in the month of December.

Find your reason to go off once in a while.

When I go on vacation even if it means not traveling to some other country I still go off keto.

I just want to have a relaxed (stress free) vacation. Not having to think about anything including healthy food choices and or calories.

Exercising is also something I do not do when leaving my Island. If I do stay home I do tend to keep exercising.

The month of December on the Island of Aruba is really awesome. Food is everywhere! Every relative or friends house my family and I visit has a specially prepared dish for us to enjoy, it would be an insult to reject these fine foods. After all, it is the season to be jolly.

In the past Decembers I have gone totally off the rails and it was a pain to go back on keto. I would stop keto for 2 to 3 weeks and eat everything I did not get a chance to throughout the year. Not a really smart idea, but I do not regret it (maybe just a little).

This year I am also going to go off keto, but I am going to continue to eat as low carb as possible and not eat everything I want in sight. I am going to keep my cool and watch my calorie intake. If I know that I am going to eat something high calorie, I will try to fast for the most part of the day to keep my calorie intake down in order to minimize the damage (weight gain).

Is it worth it to you?

I have to confess I am very self continuous of my weight and appearance. I was very obese when I was young, got bullied a lot and I promised myself to never go back.

Every time I came off keto I would gain about 6 to 10 pounds back. It is a pain to get it back off, especially now that I am 40.

Too me going off is worth it because I do want to enjoy all the awesome, scrumptious, creamy, delightful and just euphoric foods that life has to offer.

Do not get me wrong I do enjoy a nice steak and salad but damn how I love ice cream, waffles and cake. I am not the one that is going on a healthy diet when comming off keto. I am sorry. This is why I am limiting the eating window this time.

Find you reason(s) to get off keto, enjoy yourself and go back on when you are ready, guilt free (easier said than done for me).

What I do when going back on keto?

I get keto flu really bad, and I try to go back on at least 2 to 3 days before I have to go back to work. This way I am back in ketosis and reaping the mental benefits.

I do get hungry and cravings 2 to 3 weeks after a long cheat and this is a really though time for me.

I will caution you with this advice. If you know that you are mentally weak, and give in to cravings rather quickly I would not go on a long break. Trying to take a shorter break and see what happens first and if you can handle going back without much effort.

Going back on keto for me for the first week is easy. As soon as I am back in ketosis I feel great, the problem lies within 2 weeks when I get cravings again. It is weird, I do not get cravings right after.

Losing the weight is going to be tougher in my opinion because of these lingering cravings, so you are going to have to eat as you get hungry as you did when first starting. Do not make the mistake of starving yourself, this is going to make it worse. Get fat adapted and then only, lower your intake.

Is it healthy to do this every year?

Again, In my opinion life is about balance. You have to have the bad to enjoy and be grateful the good. This is why most people who have almost everything have depression and people who have almost nothing are most grateful.

I honestly do not know how healthy or unhealthy this is, but I do know according to my blood tests (every thing came out almost perfect according to my doctor), I have to come off in order to keep my sanity. This is just me, I know of people who are on keto for years without stopping, more power to them.

Eating 95% healthy a year is way better than 95% unhealthy so I do believe it is healthy, not as healthy as being 100% of the year on keto but like I said, balance.


I hope that this article will help you decide whether you should go on a break from keto.

My blog is pretty small and if you have any questions about this or any other topic written by me, feel free to contact me anytime on the comment section below. I will respond within a couple of days or earlier. I do not have a team of writers (yet). 

I have almost 3 years experience on keto, have helped may people lose weight (friends and family). I follow and read a ton of material on keto and will try them out to see what does and does not work. I know that we are all physically different and do respond different. Many people can explain to me what problems or hiccups they are going through. I usually know what to do and if I do not know the answer I do know how to find it. 

Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2020.



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