The benefits of the keto lifestyle. 7 potential life saving benefits.

While keto is a great weight loss diet, it can also be a life saving diet.

I am a 40-year-old man and I have been on the keto diet for 2 years now.

If you keep reading, I will without a doubt make you understand how the keto way of eating will save someone you love their life or maybe your own.

The standard ( western diet) way of eating has brought nothing but obesity, chronic illnesses and low esteem problems.

I used to watch what I eat carefully and trained like a mad man. I did lose weight, but could never keep it off. As soon as I got to my goal weight I went straight back to eat what I love, Why? Because I was miserable with the standard calorie restricting diet.

Now on keto you do have to count your calories, I have an article about that right here, which explains how and why you should go about doing that.

If you have read my other articles I do sound like a broken record and will say it again: you must go all in on the keto diet to experience these benefits.

Here is a list of the benefits you get while on the ketogenic way of eating.

  1. Weight loss
  2. Craving control
  3. Lowering cholesterol naturally
  4. Preventing arteries from clogging up
  5. Improving mental health
  6. improving or curing insulin resistance
  7. Best diet for cancer

1. Weight Loss.

This is the number one topic that comes to mind when someones search for the keto diet. Everyone wants to lose some weight, whether it be a pound here and there or massive amount of weight like 50 pounds and above.

Keto without a doubt will make you lose weight, but only if you be honest with yourself, have the right mindset, do your research and follow through.

There is no “today I am on keto a maybe tomorrow”. It takes a couple of days, depending on the person way of eating to get into ketosis. When you bounce out it takes time to get back in.

Never before would I have imagined myself on such a strict way of eating ever! I always thought that if I just watched what I ate an exercised, that my weight would stay the same.

As I got older and my exercising sections got shorter, my weight would go up slowly but surely. Exercising more was not the answer for me, I was already exercising almost 6 days a week an hour a day.

Hearing about the keto diet for the first time I thought that these people were crazy. Eating fat to lose fat, what a crazy idea.

A short story how I got into the keto way of eating.

A classmate sitting next to me was talking about it. He began with the keto diet (about 4 months before) and although I did see him lose a lot of weight I was concerned for his health. He came to class with only baked ham, meats with a lot of fat and some veggies.

One day a big bus came to our school (police academy) where they would do a physical. I told him to go and check his blood work before he got a heart attack.

The classmate next to me got a perfect score, even he could not believe it. The guy next to him was a professional surfer and member of the swat team. I’ve only seen the man eat healthy stuff like whole wheat bread, baked potatoes and as fat free possible. His LDL cholesterol levels were high and so what his blood glucose levels.

So I began researching and came to the conclusion to start the keto diet and see what it would do for me.

Although my doctor did not recommend the keto diet I still went ahead and did it. After doing a thorough research, it sounded like common sense to me.

2 years later I am at my goal weight and kept it there for the past year without a hitch. Got my blood results a month ago and the score was perfect even my doctor was suprized and told me to continue.

2. Craving control.

This is the big one for me and people who are or, have been obese / overweight for the most part of their life.

When I went to a buffet restaurant I would eat until I got sick. The big difference now is that I do not feel like I have to eat every single food item. I feel satiated and the urge to eat everything in sight is gone.

Are your cravings out of control? Do you eat and find yourself wanting to eat again before 2 hours have past? Do you snack after a big dinner? Can’t stop thinking about that big tub of ice cream you bought earlier while watching t.v.? If the answer is no, this diet is for you. But only if you want it bad enough.

Eating more fat and way fewer carbs makes you feel satiated. By eating more fats your “hungry” feeling will eventually go away. I do not even eat breakfast anymore. I felt like I would die of hunger if I did not eat a massive breakfast before starting on keto.


It sounds simple, it is simple, BUT!! Only if you do it correctly.

I have another article on how to start the keto lifestyle here, where I explain how to start simple.

I can honestly say that my craving level has gone down to about 10%. Very rarely do I have cravings. Even during watching t.v. at night and during all of the Wendy’s, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut comercials.

3. Lowering cholesterol and triglycerides naturally.

Triglycerides and cholesterol are different types of lipids that circulate in your blood: triglycerides stores unused calories and provide your body with energy. Cholesterol is used to build cells and certain hormones.

On keto your body begins to burn fat as fuel. Eating cholesterol does not raise your cholesterol levels, this is a myth and everyone was tricked by an early study. Newer studies show that eating saturated fat and cholesterol will not have an impact on your cholesterol levels.

Our bodies make about 3000mg of cholesterol every day. Every cell membrane on our bodies is made partially from cholesterol. Sex hormones, brain, nerves, adrenal hormones are all partially made out of cholesterol.

Studies has shown that while on the keto diet triglycerides drop dramatically and HDL goes up significantly, leading to an improved triglycerides-HDL ratio. In other studies this ratio has show to be the most important cardiac risk factor.

For most people on the keto diet LDL will not change or decrease, but for some with significant weight loss there can be a temporary rise and should go back to normal once your weight loss has plateaued. For the few people that still have an elevated LDL cholesterol after the weight loss plateau, should see there doctor.

The reason that LDL cholesterol levels go up on the keto diet is because the body cells release triglycerides into the blood that can be used for fuel. This is rare on the keto diet and can be caused by two things.

*The liver might be damaged or the gal bladder is congested.

*To help the liver you can use purified bile salts. This helps the process and heal the liver.

For the gallbladder you can do a gallbladder support. Keep in mind these conditions are rare.

Dr. Stephen Phinney did a study on two groups of people for 12 weeks. One group ate a calorie restricted low fat diet the other group the keto diet with no calorie restrictions, they could eat until they felt satiated.

The results show that the group on the keto diet had about double more fat and weight loss, than the group that followed the calorie restricted low fat diet.

It also showed that next to overall fat loss there was a more significant abdomen fat loss on the keto diet. This is the fat that is most dangerous.

A quick tip by Dr. Ken Berry to find out for yourself if you are at low or high risk for heart attack, stroke and other serious life ending chronic disease.

  • Measure your waist on your belly button (not your belt waist that is under the big belly) in inches or centimeters
  • measure your height in inches or centimeters
  • divide you waist by your height
  • if your result is above 0.5 you are in increased risk of hearth attack, stroke of other illnesses
  • if it is below 0.5 you are in good shape

Waist to height ratio according to Dr. Ken Berry is much more important than the BMI result.

Elevated triglyceride levels are also a big factor when it comes to increase risks for heart attack, stroke and other chronic illnesses.

4. Preventing arteries from clogging up.

If you have been eating a standard diet (high carb low fat) for most of your life, you probably have built up (calcium) in your arteries or even clogged arteries without even knowing it.

This is caused by elevated levels of insulin within the body. Eating carbs will raise insulin levels which causes inflammation, eating fat will not do this.

A Combination of cholesterol and calcium forms a plaque that hardens and gets bigger and bigger.

How to know if your arteries are clogged? Ask your doctor to preform a Coronary Artery Calcium test (CAC). Here they can actually see the calcium buildup in your arteries.

According to Dr. Eric Berg vitamin K2 is the one vitamin that can prevent the clogged arteries by removing calcium from the soft tissue of the body.

You can get vitamin K2 from eating fat: egg yolks, cheese,

You can also de-calcify Arteries by consuming these 4 nutrients:

  1. Vitamin K2 100 mcg (MK-7)
  2. Vitamin D3
  3. Magnesium (lowers calcium in the body)
  4. IP6 (phytic acid) 2 in the morning 2 in the evening on empty stomach.

These will pull calcium out of the arteries.

5. Improving mental health issues.

Being obese can cause all these mental health issues:

  • depression
  • shame
  • phobia
  • anxiety
  • stress

If you have or are struggling with these issues, you can improve these by following a keto diet.

Me and my sister have been obese from an early age. We always stuck together when we were bullied, we were even bullied by our own families calling us “piggies”.

Not everyone is as strong mentally which can lead to even more serious consequences than just the issues mentioned above, some have unfortunately even committed suicide.

Keto helps you take control of your cravings, I can not emphasis this enough. Anyone that has ever been obese and tried everything and failed, this is the answer for you.

When you lose weight, you will feel good about yourself and in the right direction to start a new you. Happy instead of depressed, outgoing instead of shameful, confident instead of scared.

On this note I do have something to say, don’t change for anyone, be yourself, you do not own anybody anything. Even if they give you dirty looks or laugh at you, stay strong and focus on your goals. If you follow keto accordingly, you WILL lose the weight.

6. Improving and curing insulin resistance.

Maybe you know by now that eating to many carbs and sugars raises your blood glucose level. Which in turn raises your insulin production, making your body store fat and after a while making you overweight or obese.

After years of eating carbs your cells will stop responding to insulin and will need more production to have to same effect.

This will cause insulin resistance and could lead to type 2 diabetes. Sugar is toxic to the body, and that is why we get inflammation (the body self defense mechanism) within the body.

Carbs are not that bad if you eat them once in a while. The problem is that almost 85% of all products sold in the supermarket contain some form of sugar or carbohydrates.

When most people think of sugars and carbohydrates they think of: cake, cookies, chocolate bars, gummie bears, sodas and so on.

But what about oatmeal packets, chips, bread (whole wheat), cereal, milk, pasta, rice, potatoes and much more foods that you would not think of having that many sugars. All of these foods have sugar and carbs in them.

So can you guess the daily requirements of sugar? You will never guess it. It is 0 grams!!!! Shockers right?

But my doctor told me that I need sugars in my diet, WRONG!! Ask him if he believes that there is such a thing called essential sugar or carbohydrates? There is not, There are only essential fatty acids and essential amino acids. Fat and protein.

Eating too much sugar can lead to serious life threatening illnesses like type 2 diabetes, hearth disease, Alzheimer, kidney failure and more.

Following a well planned keto diet will reverse type 2 diabetes. It is common sense if type 2 diabetes is caused by too much glucose in the blood, why not stop eating them? Do not be fooled by those sugar free products, look at the nutritional facts, they are loaded with carbohydrates.

My mom who is 65 years of age had pre-diabetes (type 2). She drank pills to keep this in check. After 6 months on the keto diet she was off the pills and feeling great. You can do it too.

Don’t be scared of the keto diet. Big pharmaceutical companies do not want you to be cured. If you are cured they do not get money from your treatment.

Big food companies want you to keep buying there addictive foods to make money.

7. Best diet for cancer.

There has been a lot of research being done about the ketogenic diet as part of treatment for people with tumors and cancer.

Cancer cells have 10X the amount of glucose and insulin receptors as a regular cell.

There has been some success in tumor reduction and even cancer cured with a strict protein limited ketogenic diet.

Glucose is cancer preferred fuel and can not switch its fuel source from glucose to fat.

Limiting protein is also very important because protein can make sugar to feed the brain and in turn will feed the cancer.

According Dr. Ken Berry there are 4 ways keto fights cancer with the ketogenic diet.

  1. Keeping your blood glucose level as low as possible.
  2. Keeping insulin level low
  3. Elevated ketone levels tend to inhibit cancer growth
  4. losing weight and fixes obesity (obesity in numerous studies has shown to be an independent risk factor for cancer)

By starving the cancer, other treatments can have a more profound impact on the cancer cells and a better chance to eliminate them altogether.

A quick tip for cancer: Fasting can also help with fighting cancer and here is how:

Authopagy, when fasting your body cells end up cleaning itself. Weaker damaged cells ( that can form into cancer) are consumed by the stronger cells.


I do realize that we do not live forever, and I do love to eat some carbs here and there.

But since starting the keto diet i have been happier and more energetic. Keto is not an easy diet to follow but if you stick to it and improve or even cure any of the benefits mentioned above, would that not be worth it to you or someone you love?

I have helped many people gain back there life with the keto diet. Losing weight helps with a lot of issues.

I hope this article finds you in time so that you can take charge of your own destiny.

If you have concerns about the keto diet I have an article called: is the keto diet dangerous?

Any other comments or questions you can leave them in the comment section and I will try to answer them A.S.A.P.


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  1. Recently Keto has been getting popular amongst people and it is for a good reason. In this article you have explained very well about the benefits of the Keto Lifestyle. I had less information about this but after reading your article I have understood the value and benefits of keto lifestyle. 

    I can completely agree when you say it can be a live saving diet.

    Thank you so much for sharing this informative article.

  2. That’s an awesome post on Keto Diet. I’ve been trying to understand Keto Diet from quite a while now. I had no idea about it, couple of weeks back. I’m glad that I found your post, it is loaded with well-detailed information.

    I feel that it might be difficult for me to practice this diet as I live away from home and my work schedule is very tight. Can I still follow the Keto diet routine? Anyways, It is always great to have a good understanding. Now I may be able to share this information with others as well.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful post.

  3. Hi! Thank you for your encouragement to start keto diet. I have picked up 2 main benefits in my book. Preventing arteries from clogging up by consuming K2 from eating fat: egg yolks, cheese, ect. And lowering cholesterol and triglycerides naturally.

    Thanks for mentioning Dr. Stephen Phinney’s study. The results indicating weight loss are very interesting.

    You already have 2 years on keto diet. But I have been told the first three months are very difficult. What helped you to keep on track during those initial months?

    1. Hello and thanks for reading, It was hard the first 2 months but the dramatic weight loss and overall energy boost made me stay in it. You have to power through the first month though. Keto flu and bad moods in the first two weeks. 


  4. What a comprehensive keto guide you’ve put up here, Sharriv. This empowered me a lot considering I’m an obese guy myself with a big belly. And to be honest, I’m sick of my current condition and wanna’ make a drastic change in my life. It already shows coz’ I’m having a difficult time to perform certain actions like climbing up the stairs, running, and bending over.

    Can you advice me on some baby steps I could take if I’m a total beginner to the keto diet? Do I need a doctor’s consultation and some lab tests before I take on this diet?

    PS: I noticed that your links are not working. I wanted to read more because I enjoy the information, but couldn’t 🙁

  5. Hi, I have read your article carefully. Frist, accept my thanks for writing a great tropic on the health benefits of “The benefits of the Keto lifestyle.7 potential life saving benefits.” Your post is full of health information. I am a diet loving person. I love to try effective potential diet plan from different regions. Who has a directional tropic for those who want to lose weight. I got 7 potential guide lines from keto on your article.

    While keto is a great weight loss diet, it can also be a life saving diet. I like Keto but I don’t know the full benefits of it but now I know it through your post.

    You write that it is a weight loss, carving control, lowering cholesterol naturally, preventing arteries clogging up, improving mental health, improving or curing insulin resistance, best diet for cancer.

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