The Keto diet for beginners – keeping it simple


Worries of beginning the Keto Diet


We all worry starting a new diet especially one as daunting as the keto diet. There are a lot of people now getting into the keto diet. It promises fat loss, health improvement, cure for type 2 diabetes and many other health benefits.

While we all want to be slimmer, look nicer and improving our health at the same time, most of us do not want to exclude certain foods from our diets. We want to eat what we like and hope that it does not stick to our bottom and or waists.

Keeping it simple

The absolute most important thing one should do is keeping it simple from the beginning. There is so much information right now on the internet, whether it be on google or YouTube on the Keto diet right now that it turns newcomers away. The Keto Lifestyle in itself is Very easy to do. The criteria for the Keto are:

  • eating 70% fats
  • eating 25% protien
  • eating no more than 5 % carbs

What you should focus mainly on in the beginning is the carbs. You don’t get into Ketosis by eating 80% or even 100% fat. You get into Ketosis by eating less than 20 grams of carbs per day. I will go more into detail in another post on how the body does this.

I can not stress this part enough, EAT!!! do not try to starve yourself in the beginning of Keto. You will have to eat whenever you are hungry. As your body becomes satiated with fats your hunger will taper off.

Removing the carbs

Removing carbs was one (at least for me and my Wife) of the most difficult things to do in my life. To me food is life. I was addicted to carbs. There was almost nothing better than making my own bead here at home with my bread maker. So for all of you that think that it was easy, forget it.

When you take our the carbs you may go in about a week into keto flue. You’re body is making the switch from carbs for energy to ketones. You may feel nausea and headaches. Start by reading the labels in the supermarket and you will start to know in a short period what you can or can not eat.

Beginners of the Keto diet will get frustrated the first couple of weeks, but if you power through all the hair pulling and the cursing when you see that you’re favorite foods are loaded with carbs, there is gonna be a bright future at the end. Just try not to run over you’re fellow shoppers when going through the bakery (true story).

Changing your mindset is the key to succes

As anything we want to do in life you have to put your mind to it or else failure is almost always guaranteed. The keto diet for beginners is no exception. Do not say ” I will give this a try”, WRONG!!!! You need to change your mindset to: “I am going to do this”!

Think of the end result that you are trying to achieve. Set weekly or Monthly goals. I started with monthly goals and I am going on my second year of Keto. It has not been easy the first days or even weeks but now it is a breeze. I know almost every item carb content. Trust me, I was the guy who wouldn’t even look at the price of the items imagine the nutritional facts.

If you do fall of your horse, all is not lost just get back up and go at it again.

Improving as you go

As your’re weight begins to drop and you’re feeling better about yourself. Your colleagues begin to wonder if you’re sick or if your spouse left you, just joking. You will be thankful that you stuck with it.

As you progress you can now start to incorporate more and more healthy foods and oils. In another post I will get more into healthy and unhealthy Keto diet. You will start to refine yourself and become even healthier.

When you’re keto fat adapted you will have fewer cravings and urges to eat. You will even start doing intermittent fasting. But let’s leave that for when you are well on your’re way into the ketogenic lifestyle.

Fat adapted

And trust me when you go Keto it is hard going back to carbs, and not because of the lack of choices but the way your body and mind feels on the Keto lifestyle. You will feel more energy throughout the day, no more sugar crashes and sleeping in the restrooms at work after a meal.

Once you’re fat adapted your body will react very differently with carbs then it has been over the course of your life. You will feel sluggish and can’t wait for the feeling do be over and done with.

So keep it simple, change your mindset do some research and just plain do it. You’re future self will thank you for it.


I will continue my keto blog with lost of more content in the near future.

feel free to ask me anything on this topic, and share this content with you’re friends who are also starting on the Keto journey.


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