The lies about food. Don’t be fooled!!

We all want to live a happy long life right?

We workout, take our vitamins, walk a couple of miles each week and follow the best diet we are thought.

But do we actually know what we are putting into our bodies? Have you ever heard of the saying:” You will get out what you put in”?

Why is cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol and Alzheimers and many more health Issues on the rise? Is it because of the air we breathe, the food we eat and drink, not enough exercise?

I have been researching these questions over the past 2 years and came up with the following information.

I came upon some documentaries that have never gone main stream and they were filled with eye-opening information.

In this article you will see that the government, big food companies and the media cover the truth about a real epidemic that is destroying peoples lives.

I have personal experience going from obese to a normal weight and the struggle to keeping it off.

I am writing this article on behalf of the keto diet, not to promote anything but to open some peoples eyes on the common sense of nutrition many of you do not know.

You always hear from every direction what is good and bad, but we never stop and ask why.

I hope to open your eyes about nutrition as my eyes have been opened.

I am not in a doctor, nutritionist or do I have any degree or diplomas in this area. I just use common sense and my personal experience and observation.

If you say that genetics is the reason why we are overweight then I have a question for you.

Have you seen an obese Jew in the pictures taken inside of the horrible concentration camps of WWII? NO!! This was because they had no food. I could not find any pictures of a “big-boned ” genetically obese Jew or P.O.W. I’m sorry for the way I described this but many people do not to like to look at the real facts.

Let’s look at some statistics and personal experiences.

It expected that almost 3/4 of the American population are going to be obese or overweight in the year 2020 and that number is also expected to keep growing.

Diabetes, Alzheimer, heart attack strokes, cancer and even depression are all caused for the most part by eating too much sugar and other toxic foods every day.

In 2007, Researchers at the University of Bordeaux conducted that sugar is even more addictive than cocaine.

When comparing the brain’s of foods addicts to cocaine addicts side by side, the similarities are undeniable. FMRI scans of the brain’s activity level reveal a missive spike in dopamine upon initial craving and high anticipation, but low level of anticipation.

Upon birth, we are given sugar in our diets. Whether it comes from formula and especially lactose free formula that is substituted with sucrose. The food company knows that the earlier they get sugar into our system the more likely we are continue to eat and get addicted to sugar in the future.

Every generation of kids that was born after 1980 has been surrounded by these highly sugary and additive foods.

People just eat because of addiction not because of true hunger. I used to eat quite frequently when I was not on the Keto diet. Whenever I saw a commercial about food from let’s say Mc Donald’s or Domino’s Pizza, I would get up from my bed or couch and seek through the fridge even though I just ate.

Since I am on the Keto diet I only eat whole foods and thankfully I do not get hungry anymore. I can go hours and hours without eating and not even giving it a thought until I get home. It is really nice not having to spend my days worrying about eating the whole time.

My daughter is still not on keto because she still does not like the leafy greens that are somewhat required to prevent a fatty liver on the keto diet. She is not overweight, but she is always hungry, I did not realize this until I went keto. She will eat a sandwich with some juice and not even an hour later is looking through the pantry and fridge again for a snack.

You can not walk in most cities around the world without your brain getting activated by advertisement of food. All the major cable networks will constantly advertise food. Especially in the evening. Try to count them.

At every gas station, book store, toy store, clothes store, electronic store you will find junk foods and candy at the checkout. It is almost impossible to avoid and getting worse by the day. They are placed at every eye level for every age. If that was not enough they try to bait you with your favorite cartoon or character wrapper.

People by nature are impulsive. We see something we like we want and most certainly will also buy.

Who is lying and what are they lying about?

Who are behind all of these lies? The government, media, food companies and WHO.

In 2002 the World Health Organization (WHO) put together a document TRS 916. In that document they say that sugar is a major if not the cause of metabolic disease and obesity.

The WHO wanted to really restrict sugar intake as recommended by the scientist. The wanted to recommend that only 10% of consumption should come from sugar.

The sugar companies went berserk over that report. Senators in Washington on behalf of these companies pushed back hard to stop the report. Suggesting that the economy would take a big hit if this went through. Under the Bush administration Tommy Thomsan the then secretary of health and human services took a flight to Geneve and told the WHO that if they published this document they would withhold the 406 million dollars that the government was going to contribute to the WHO.

After this they deleted the sugar document in almost every report up until this day. And that now the normal standard for sugar in a diet should be 25%. 2.5 X the WHO recommendation.

Take a look at all the nutrition labels. There is one daily recommended percentage that will not show up, Sugars.

Of all the food items in the U.S. ( more than 600.000) 80% of them are processed with added sugar and unhealthy oils.

When the Onbama’s took office they began to take action against child obesity. The began with giving information about healthy nutrition and how to have healthy meals and asking the food companies to stop targeting children as much to try to reduce the obesity epidemic.

The companies agreed to help a make food healthier. But in reality it was not that at all. In the end they made some changes that were so minute that it was not even worth it. Some foods had about 10 to 15 fewer calories per serving but still the same amount of sugars.

The food companies staring to make low fat or fat free foods. When you take away the fat you are left with awful tasting product. So what do they replace it with to male the taste even better? You guessed it Sugars.

Before you know it, Michelle Obama was changing her stance on nutrition and putting the focus on exercising more.

It is known now that keeping a healthy weight AND healthy body is due to 80% nutrition and 20% exercising.

I used to exercise 6 days a week. 4 strength and 2 cardio. I was not losing weight the older I got. I tried to train harder but I was not seeing the results until I changed my diet. When I started keto 2 years ago I did continue to exercise at the same level and I went from over weight to below weight.

I kept eating the same but toned down the exercising to 3 to 4 times a week. On keto the best thing is the absence of hunger and cravings. For us emotional eaters that is a blessing.

Government budget cuts removed all the cooking wares and cooks from schools in the U.S.A. and made deals with big food companies to distribute cheap and unhealthy processed junk foods that were ready after just heating in the oven or microwave like pizza and mac n cheese.

Why are they lying?

Just plain and simple it a business. That’s right, a business build around your health.

Do you really think that these doctors and scientist want to cure you? Just imagine if tomorrow half of the population got healthier and did not have to go to the doctor, specialist or surgeons. Many of them would be out of a job and the people who work for them.

All the big pharmaceutical companies would lose billions of dollars. Now I do not say that all doctors and pharmaceutical companies are evil or doing this knowingly.

But why do they not look at were to problem begins and prevent bigger problems instead of waiting until it is too late. It again comes down to economics. Sad but true.

How do you recognize processed food?

Processed foods has a list in ingredients on the nutrition label. Real food ARE the ingredient.

Processed foods are made with a bunch of sugar and added sweeteners. Sugar comes under different names like:

  • sucrose
  • fructose corn syrup
  • barley malt
  • dextrose
  • maltose
  • maltodextrine

and over 50 more names.

In addition to added sugars in almost everything the also make foods with unhealthy oils like:

  • soybean oils
  • corn oil
  • canola oil
  • vegetable oils

These oils are NOT healthy at all a cause inflammation within the human body.

When these 2 (bad oils and sugar) are combined that is a recipe for disaster down the road. Some people will get sicker before the other but it will happen.

Anything that says LOW FAT on it is bad for you and has been processed.

Look out for the deceptive naturally and hormone free labels. Naturally does not mean healthy.

You have to look out for the ones that say: pasture raised, grass fed and Organically grown.

So what do I eat to become and stay healthy?

Plain and simple eat unprocessed foods, fish, poultry, beef and leafy greens. Sounds boring right?

We all want to be healthy but we do not want to give up our sugary foods. Everyone thinks that it’s gonna take a long time before they get sick, and when they do, they want to start changing will do something about it.

Why not start now? why wait until you have to do it forcibly by some doctor to save your life?

I would focus on cutting down on the carb and sugar filled foods first. Then when u got that down try to eliminate the bad oils mentioned above. I did not like to read labels either, but I got used to it.

Cutting carbs and bad oils will eliminate almost all inflammation within the body. As you lose weight and progress you can start to buy the grass fed, organic and other high quality food items.

I personally did cut all sugars and carbs in the beginning, because I am an emotional eater and did not want to hang on to the cravings.

Why not start with the high quality food stuff right away? Because you will want to eat allot in the beginning to try to stay full, so it can get expensive when you start to buy expensive stuff right away. Get in the groove first, let the Keto diet take away the cravings and the hunger then focus on the quality.

A great tip that has helped me personally, don’t buy anything you are not allowed to eat. Not even if you plan to eat it in the future. If it is there you will keep thinking about it.

Eat enough vegetables (leafy greens) and drink plenty of water.

Of course exercise is also needed to stay healthy and of course can be incorporated into your diet to boost weight loss and improve overall health.

As you get better at the Keto diet, you will find recipes that you can incorporate into your daily diet.

If you want to get started on the Keto diet I would read my other post: Keto for beginners, keeping it simple.

If you are still not convinced, look up the video “Fedup” on YouTube, I’m sure that will change your mind.

If you have any concerns or questions on how to do the Keto diet, leave them in the comment section and I will get back to as soon as I can.

Stay healthy.


14 thoughts on “The lies about food. Don’t be fooled!!

  1. Very important article for everyone to read. I read it and I began to understand so many things I thought I had knowledge about. I always felt I knew my food and what I was eating because I always eat fresh food but your article has made me realize that I really don’t have enough knowledge. Thanks for the simple explanation

  2. Hi, the best food to eat is truly unprocessed food also known as home foods. And I quite agree with you that it is important to cut down on foods that are high in sugar and carbohydrate as they also lead to speedy weight gain.

    You have truly listed a whole lots of forms of sugar and bad oil that are not healthy for human consumption, unfortunately most people are addicted to these forms of sugar and often find it difficult to do without them.

    The only way of staying healthy is to each more of fish, leafy greens and poultry as you rightly said. Your article is an eye opener.

  3. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest.  This is a perfect article to read inorder to stay healthy.percentages of diseases keep increasing daily through most food we take buy this article analyses foods to eat and foods to stay away from staying healthy is profitable ,we must includes daily exercise. This article worth reading over again. Regards 

  4. I really want to  say thank you for this informative article about truth and lies about food,  don’t be fooled. Well, I think staying healthy and having a longer life span depends on what we eat. And what we eat at every age in life plays a major role in Our growth and Our  development. So if you had a good growth, and you are well developed, you  live longer, because what we eat determines the rate At which our body system Responds, and the response might be later in the future or now 

  5. I have seen many people are keto diets I live in Italy and I have seen how healthy Italians are they eat everything from pizzas wines cheese you name it but their secret is not in avoiding food but eating small portions and exercising which I am following and I have seen amazing results.

    They eat a lot of veggies with fruits but again small portions.  I have never been a fan of sugar since I was a kid, 1 small teaspoon does good for me.

    But I know keto diet is good because most people I know are praising it so might try it one day and thanks for the info eye opening.

  6. Hi! Thank you for putting things into perspective. I have really enjoyed reading this post. And it really is unbelievable (well, “shocking” would be the right word) that WHO would hold back such useful report. It’s all business. The important thing is to have great economical benefits and people’s health is not really important. I could even say that they’re not too concerned with all the deaths that are induced by the high levels of sugar in our diets.

    So, calling attention on this valuable. Thanks for rising awareness.

  7. I always feel like we will never get a true cure for things like cancer, because it is such big business.  Money is power and greed and causes people to do terrible things sometimes.  Keeping people unhealthy is definitely a money-making proposition for a lot of people.  There are so many natural remedies out there, but Big Pharma makes sure we never hear about them.  I had a lot of ailments when I was eating processed foods and a lot of sugar.  I have had such great results with my health and so many of my problems have gone away just by eating right.  Lots and lots of leafy greens, veggies, fruits and minimal sugar and boxed foods.  Less gluten.  It really does work.

  8. Eating to stay healthy is very important and having that on mind, we will be able to eat what is good for us and not just anything we want to eat. Keto diet is very much okay when you understand it. I started my keto diets not long ago, though it was uneasy for me to quit from consuming carbs or eating little of carbs but I just had to set a diet goal in order to achieve success in my keto life. I disciplined my self and continued and I am happy now that I have reduced so much weight. 

  9. Based on experience though, I think it helps when you live in an environment that doesn’t glorify unhealthy food and doesn’t throw it on your face at every instant. Unfortunately, companies were thinking of profits,governments were more concerned with tax paying companies and their lobbyists while the interest of the people including their health and wellbeing were throw to the dogs.

    It seems the people have been left with no choice,seeing the increase in waistlines and the decline in their health to find out for themselves the truths and lies about food and trying to change things. I hope to gobon the keto diet sometime soon. Our health is ournown priority,we can’t leave it up to the food companies anymore.

  10. Great Content and Information!
    What a concise and thorough article. I found the post very detailed and Informative. So many useful tips all on one page! Wonderful! I bookmarked to look further. This is an eye opener for me as I am just getting to know about the keto diet. I can attest to the fact that I learnt alot from this article. Thanks for the live changing sensitization.

  11. Great post and good info.

    Indeed, sugars are the major fact into obesitas and other big issues we have nowadays, however, it is never been told, because, yes, money. 

    It is sad but the reality, the big guys don’t care about you, just their money. Me and my wife went into the Keto lifestyle a while ago, and we are happy and healthy. Guess what, we don’t get sick anymore and actually nowadays we have a true hunger feeling! Don’t let media fool you, they are paid by these big guys as well. 

  12. I am a sugar addict, have been for years.
    The numbers of diabetics and cancer patients especially in the caribbean where foods are processed and imported, are mind boggling.
    You should get this article and your website known to the public.
    Awareness and knowledge can move mountains.
    Not to mention our children who are our future.
    You should make an awareness campagne at schools and through parents.
    I love your articles.

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