What is the best diet for weight loss? This diet rocks!! Look inside.

Are you like me and have been looking for that special way of eating to keep eating while losing weight?

This diet will let you keep eating instead of starving yourself and with the bonus making you much healthier than all those other diets in the process.

Can you guess what it is yet?

Have you ever heard of the ketogenic (keto) diet?

I have been on this plan for almost 3 years now and it has been great. I have lost weight (34 pounds), got my blood pressure under control and most importantly kept all the weight I lost off.

Although I am not a keto expert (yet), I have mastered the ins and outs of the keto diet. Many people talk badly of the keto diet without even trying it. I have about 9 friends who have done the keto diet with me and have also lost a lot of weight.

Yes, the keto diet is restrictive but like everything else in life, it takes effort to accomplish something you really want. If you really want to lose weight, you definitely can. You just have to change your mindset. Easier said than done right?!

What is the keto diet?

As you may or may not have heard by now what the keto diet is. It is a low carb diet. It does not have to be a high fat one. The old way of keto was low carbohydrate, moderate protein and high fat.

Yes I still try to eat the fattier cuts of meat, but I have lowered my fat intake. I eat less fat so that my body will take more fat from my body instead of the food that I consume.

So the main process of the keto diet is to eat as low carbohydrates possible so that your body will become a fat burning machine instead of just using glucose (sugar) as fuel.

In a low carb state the body will adapt to utilizing fat for fuel instead of glucose. Fat will burn way more efficient than carbohydrates will.

When we eat carbs, our body burns what is needed for energy and stores the rest under the skin. While eating fat has an amazing effect on the body as well on the appetite. You will feel satiated for longer periods of time, rather than getting hungry all the time.

After a while on the keto diet your cravings will start to go away for the most part.

When you are not eating, your body will burn your stored body fat. So do not make the mistake of eating too much fat. Eating too much fat can stall or even make you gain weight.

There are a ton of recipes on the internet on how to eat keto. Just type in keto food list and there you go on what to eat.


How long can I do keto?

You can do it for as long as you live. You are eating whole, healthy, unprocessed foods. The people who tell you that the keto diet is dangerous have obviously never read anything on the keto diet.

They tell you that you “NEED” to eat carbs. When that is not true, There are some parts of the body that does need some carbohydrates. The body has got you covered. Through a process called gluconeogenesis, your body makes glucose from protein consumed and distributes it to the right places like the brain.

There are plenty people who have eaten only meats for years and are one of the healthiest people on the planet.

I intend to keep eating keto for the most part of my life. I will however eat (unhealthy) carbohydrates from time to time, after all we do have to enjoy our lives.

How do I start?

This is the part where most people fail. Why? You have to know your weakness in order to set your self up for success.

If you have trouble with wanting to eat all the time (big cravings), you should eat as many keto foods as you can in the beginning. Just eat and eat. Do not worry about gaining weight in the beginning, you are not going to. This is just a way for your body to keep feeling full and getting rid of the cravings. As you progress your cravings will settle.

For the sweet lovers I would suggest making keto sweets (cookies, brownies, cheesecake). This way you can enjoy your sweets and still be losing weight by doing it without having to rage quit.

However you try to do it, it is going to be a mind game in the beginning. Have you ever read the book “The compound effect” By Dan Hardy? If not, I would suggest you do as this book will have a positive effect in every aspect of your life. For me it has helped me financially.

This book teaches you to take small insignificantly SEEMING steps towards your goal that will have a big impact in the long run. Why seeming? Although you do not see the changes as fast as you will want too, small changes in the right direction will have a big impact in the long run. I know, I hate delayed gratification as well. We want everything yesterday.

So make a good decision every day on what to eat and trust me, in no time at all you are going to not only look good, but also feel awesome. Take it easy and trust the system.


But why is keto the best?

If you are not convinced after reading this list on why keto is the best is beyond me.

If done correctly you will see and feel these changes.

Why do I say correctly? there are some unhealthy versions of keto out there. That being said, even the unhealthy version of keto is way healthier that eating tons of highly processed, sugar and crab filled foods everyday.

So let’s look at the benefits shall we.

  • 80% craving control
  • lose weight fast and healthy
  • improves insulin sensitivity (great for type 2 diabetics)
  • has cured many types 2 diabetic patients
  • lower’s blood pressure
  • improves mental clarity and energy levels
  • can reverse a fatty liver
  • can help unclog, clogged arteries
  • reduce inflammation in the body. (inflammation leads to many metabolic syndrome health issues)
  • craving control will lead top keeping weight off, instead of binging after you have lost the desired weight
  • Keto is the diet for fasting
  • keto+fasting+exercising= killer body and overall transformation
  • do you really need more reasons to start? REALLY?!!


Tell me your excuse on why you should not try the keto diet. I have heard them all.

I need to eat sugar, my doctor says that keto is dangerous, I do not have time to cook, etc.

As with everything else in your life you are making excuses on why not to start, try finding reasons TO start.

Start thinking on what you can do instead on what you can not. If you like to read I will recommend another book while I am at it. “The magic of thinking big” David Schwartz. He talks about the most dangerous sickness know to man, this sickness has killed more dreams and hopes than any other illness ever has. It is called excusitis.

Don’t like to read? Get them on audio books. Don’t have any money? Both books I recommended are in audio form on YouTube. So what is your next excuse? Get to it!!

And remember: Take it one step at a time, day by day, bit by bit. Just stay the course and you will reach your destination.

If you do not do it, who is going to do it for you?



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