What is the Keto lifestyle? stop dieting!!

The Keto Lifestyle is all about changing the way you eat forever or until you are tired of being healthy.

Stop dieting!!!

Before I get into what the keto lifestyle is, I want to make sure that it is not treated as a normal diet.

Diets do work, if you want to gain all the weight back and many more than when you started, If you want to get a slimmer look short term or if you just want to fit in that suit or dress to impress at the upcoming wedding or party then the keto life style is not for you.

If you want to lose overall body fat, feel more energized, look and feel amazing, keep reading.

What is the Keto lifestyle?

Simply put, keto diet is a diet where you eat no more than 20 grams a day total of carb containing foods. That is about 7 teaspoons sugar, 1 and a half slice of white bread or a half a cup of rice. When you start to eat very low amounts of carbs your body will go from burning glucose to burning fat as fuel (your body fat).

Our bodies are so amazing that we can switch our energy source when it is needed.

The body begins to produce ketones through the liver. Ketones are utilized as clean burning body fuel. It will take a little while for your body to make the needed adjustment, and some people will feel it too (keto flu), I got it. But not to worry it only lasts a few days.

So the keto lifestyle requires you to eat 70% of your daily intake of calories of fat. (meat, poultry, butter, oils, fish, heavy cream etc). 25% protein also mentioned in the foods above and 5% of carbs usually from the veggies your are going to start eating.

As you keep eating this way you will get more and more adapted and something quite beautiful is going to happen. Your cravings will start to go away, hunger is a distant memory and you will feel way more energized than before. This is because ketones deliver more energy to the mind and body that glucose will. And best of all you will lose weight.

keto flu

The Keto flu usually occurs within the first week of beginning the keto lifestyle. Your body is used to burning glucose it’s whole life. It is like a withdrawal from the addicting sugar. You may start to feel flu like symptoms like fatigue, headaches, dizzy and sometimes some nausea. But rest assure this will all go away in a couple of days. Keep at it champ!!

what is fat adapted ?

Here is where the magic begins. Do you like magic? you will see body fat disappear.

What does it mean to be fat adapted? It is when your body only uses fat for fuel whether it comes from food or your stored body fat. While you can fat adapted without ketosis, it is the best way to get there. And with little to no extra effort you will lose body fat and that is great for people who do not like to exercise that much.

Although I do recommend exercising for overall mobility and health.

And the rest is easy

As stated above the more fat adapted you get the less hunger, cravings you will get and just feeling overall better about yourself. Don’t believe me? Just eat some high carb food you did the last time (not recommended if you still struggle with cravings) and you will feel nasty, bloaty and just sluggish. You will not like how you feel and will go back to the keto lifestyle immediately ( I did).

The more you read up on keto and keep eating healthy the more you will want to keep learning and improve on the keto lifestyle. Like what oils are better, which butter, grass fed meat etc. You will learn how ta make healthy mayonnaise, peanut butter and more. There are a ton of recipes out there on YouTube, pinterest and more.

If you keep it simple enough you will start to lose weight in no time. Do not over complicate the recipes, because you will need time to cook and prepare almost everything.

If I have to be honest…

a little confesion.

I do eat maybe one a month at least 1 meal containing carbs, BUT I do know how to bounce back from this AND I have reached my goal weight. I would not recommend eating carbs in the beginning but sadly we are all going to die of something and I do enjoy a carb filled meal once a month. I do get a bit of nausea and headace but to me it is worth it.

I am a human being who enjoys carbs, here and there. And vacations are off limits. Sometimes I stay on and sometimes not.

I made this site for the people who want to lose weight but struggle with commitment, are emotional eaters and just enjoy the overall love for food.

But the truth is that I love being in ketosis, no more sugar crash after a meal, no more bloating and just feeling overall healthier. I love it, and I do believe that I am going to stay on the keto lifestyle for to most part.

It is OK to reward yourself…. but limited ofcourse

When I do eat carbs I try not to call it an ugly word like cheating. Instead, I call it a reward. I reward myself for being good the whole month.

And as I mentioned above I am on my goal weight so do keep that in mind.


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  1. I like how you talk about giving yourself carbs sometimes. I think that is the key to making something a lifestyle over a “diet.” It is important to have things in moderation and allow ourselves a break every once in a while. And if we fall back, its important to forgive ourselves and jump back on the wagon. Thanks for sharing!

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