Why is keto so hard? is it really?

If you could look into a magic crystal ball and see yourself in 20 to 30 years from now, where would you see yourself physically ?

I was once obese and swore that I would never go back to that again. So I picture myself regularly as an obese person, that scares me. Not only for the looks but most importantly for my health.

As the years went by and it has gotten more difficult to stay in shape and eat healthy. There are some that can easily control their food intake, but for the most of us this is almost impossible. But why is this?

The food industries has made it virtually impossible for us to not get addicted to the sugar filled foods. All of them, even the ones that make you think that they are healthy. I am not being paranoid, but it is just a business just like any other business.

The food industries has spent billions of dollar researching on how to make us addicted almost from birth. Now we have all the information we need even though we prefer to turn a blind eye, am I right?

Jim Rohn once said:” If something is easy to do, it is even easier not to do”.

Everyone including myself sees keto as a very restrictive diet, but if you really look at the foods that are not allowed on the keto diet, they were all created by man in a lab and then massively manufactured by big companies. Have you ever heard of the Pop Tart tree? We wish right?  

So keto is just going back to our roots as humans. If you live in a big city and have stress of all the congestion in traffic, people and work life balance that you have to deal with. We were not meant for these stress full situations and you can put that same principal to your diet.

Your body has inflammation of all the bad stuff you put in it. Are they delicious? Absolutely, but also highly addictive.

Have you ever seen any motivational video about becoming a millionaire? Most of the same principles are going to apply if you want to become successful in losing and most importantly keeping the weight off. 


It all starts with this, addiction. Did you know that sugar is about 8X more addictive that cocaine? I have never done cocaine so I really could not tell you if that were true or not, but I do believe it.

We are conscious about what we are doing to our own body and yet we keep at it. Stuffing our face every day because we need a snack to watch television. We also have too much stress and so we eat to get that euphoric feeling of goodness while we are destroying our own bodies.

This is why I put this topic first on the list. You have to be ready to accept that you are addicted to food and may need help. Many of us can not do this alone. If necessary find a keto buddy. When you do things together you are most likely to follow through and keep each other in check. 

There is no easy button.

There is no easy way or magic pill that is going to make you look like those poster girls or guys without putting in the work.

” So easy a caveman can do it”.

The caveman did not have Mc Donald’s and burger king on every corner he turned around, otherwise we could have been extinct along with the dinosaurs.

Give it your all to succeed.

After two and a half years on keto, it has gotten a lot easier not giving in on those intense cravings I had in the first 2 months. I did gradually become easier as I became more fat adapted.

Do I like keto? Yes I do like keto and the reason is that I feel healthier and I can keep my weight under control without feeling hungry all the time, which I can not say about any other diet.

Do I love keto? Not so much, I still wish that I could eat doughnuts and Snickers all day long without gaining a single pound, LOL! But unfortunately that is not how it works. I am totally honest in saying that I still crave a big chuck of chocolate cake and a jug of milk to help wash it down.

The struggle is real people! Many people that have a YouTube channel on the topic of keto, say that it is easy, for the most of us, it is not. Giving up sugars and carbs is freaking hard. I want to have a better life and hopefully a long one so that I can enjoy everything that this world has to offer.

Find your biggest, baddest gut wrenching why, write it down on a piece of paper and tape it on your fridge and pantry. Every time you feel the need to grab a snack or cheat, force yourself to look at that piece of paper with your why on it. Relive that moment of sadness and regret and abstain yourself from that sinful food that has gotten you here in the first place. 

The compound effect.

I recently began reading the book called: The compound effect by Dan Hardy. I do not like to read but as any other aspects of my life I am seeking improvement.

This book has one core principle” small insignificantly seeming steps towards your goal, will have huge lasting results over enough time. It may take you a while to get there, but keep at it religiously and it will become reality.

” Slow and steady will win the race”.

Patience, this is my and I do believe most people’s problem, next to effort of course. We start today and expect to have life changing results in a week. When we do not get the desired result we throw a fit, second guess or selves and convince ourselves that we are going to die anyway and so we might as well die happy, until you get a nasty comment from a total stranger or wake up and see yourself again in the mirror with disgust.

In trying to achieve success (whatever that may be for you), there are two pains: The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

Trust me when I say that the pain of discipline will become easier with time and regret will not.

Do not try, just do. Rewire your brain to say NO! To unhealthy foods. 

Ask yourself what are you waiting for?

Just by reading this article you took a big step towards your own improvement.

But just by reading this and not taking any steps toward your goal will not do you much good. They say that knowledge is power, right? But knowledge without action is only knowledge.

Make a plan. This is how I have been accomplishing more than I have ever imagined.

Sit down, grab a notebook and write down these following questions and suggestions:

  • Why do I want to lose weight? (take time and go deep)
  • How will I do it?
  • What is my desired goal weight?
  • Set a timeline, but do not beat yourself up when no making it in time (just set another one)
  • Meal plan your week
  • Look for a keto buddy if needed
  • Motivate yourself daily with affirmations and motivational books or videos
  • Write down your progress
  • Do not listen to the haters (many will become jealous when you lose weight)
  • Love yourself first and foremost
  • I use a cheat day to help me with looking forward to something, it drives/motivate me to lose more weight

The last point does not have to be a cheat meal, it can also be something that you really want. Let say you will buy yourself a gift ( Coach bag or baseball glove), whatever it may be when you have reached a goal. Then set another goal and another reward.


You are not alone in the struggle of losing weight.

Aside from having to deal with weight and health issues, being overweight or obese brings mental issues with it. The feeling of self loathing, depression, no self-control, no confidence and other mental health issues.

I have been there and that is why I am holding on keto for dear life. I can honestly say that if it was not for keto I would not be at my goal weight right now.

Stop torturing yourself and wasting money on South Beach diets that only have a short rate of success.

Eat whole healthy foods and get rid of 80% of the cravings.

Like I said before it is not going to be easy, but I will promise that you will not regret it.

If you need help with anything keto related, leave a question below and I will respond. Also, feel free to read my other articles to help inspire, motivate and upgrade your knowledge on the keto diet lifestyle.


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